TINY Documentary House on Fox 31 Denver

Christopher Smith and his girlfriend Merete Mueller of the TINY movie project were recently profiled by Fox 31 Denver. Christopher and Merete have towed their 127 square foot house to their remote property in Park County, Colorado. Their tiny house is nearly finished, but according to the video, the build took them 8 months longer than they expected.

The video shows the couple towing their new home along freeways and high mountain passes and parking it on their new piece of land.

“To see that little, tiny house on this huge, beautiful landscape really feels like home,” said Merete.

Video courtesy of Fox 31 Denver

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

15 thoughts on “TINY Documentary House on Fox 31 Denver”

  1. Wow, I truly am blown away by some of the comments on TV stations website.

    No its not for everyone but just because it doesn’t appeal to you that doesn’t make it wrong for these guys. It’s also pretty sad when you see people take real pleasure in trying to invalidate the ideas and actions of others. Nobody said this was new, we always used to live in tiny homes until we let ourselves get convinced that more was somehow more and our worth was in some way related to the size of our house and not the size of our hearts. And here we are running out of resources, living mortgage poor for the best years of our lives so that by the time we’re too old to do anything we’ll own this big house that we are no longer able to maintain on our own. I know who I think has the right idea and its not those that so busy earning a living that they never get to do any.

    • It’s Fox News – that’s their entire shtick.
      Don’t pay them or the comments on their site much attention.

      Haters gonna
      [Hate] Not Hate

      • I thought it was Fox that gave this couple the opportunity to share their wonderful story. How was that “Hate” ? No comments appeared when I viewed the video, maybe they had been removed or maybe one of my tracking blockers blocked them. I don’t know.

        If comments had appeared , I would done the same thing that I do when I read the comments on the New York Times articles or the comments from articles on any other site; I would have realized that a lot of people — some of them narrow-minded, some of the not — just like to hear themselves talk.

        But, that doesn’t take away from the story.

    • You do realize that those comments are from people that STILL watch TV?

      I live in the Denver area but I have not had a TV since 2006. This story is new to me because I read about it on this website.

      People cannot believe that I don’t have a TV and they always ask how I can go without one…once they say that, I’m polite in my response but I know that these are not people that have evolved into thinking “outside the 4 walls” yet. LOL


        • Thank you , Mike , I watched the President, on my television, yesterday. He was on a talk show relating his opinion of teevee reality show personalities and sports figures that he watches on his television (while he was appearing on a television show ). I first learned about tiny houses , long ago, from a short special while watching television.

      • We still have a TV, but I never watch it, my partner does. I haven’t seen anything worthwhile on there for years, except on PBS occasionally.

    • Hi Andy,

      It’s definitely true that stories like ours sometimes spark some negative feedback. In general, like Zer0 says, we figure it’s best not to pay too much attention.

      But, we also think that in some ways it’s a good sign when there’s push-back. It means that we’re pushing the edges and reaching people who aren’t already on board. Since ‘home’ hits so close to our ideas of who we are and what matters in life, it can be hard for people to accept things that challenge their existing ideas of what a home should be.

      My hope is that seeing our project will somehow plant a seed, maybe just a small inkling of the options that are out there, and give people permission to think about ‘home’ in a new or different way. Whether or not they agree with our way of doing it isn’t really the point, but I do hope that they’ll be inspired to take a risk, to see their own home in a new light, or to take on a creative project as a result of seeing our own.



    • I find that every major TV station that allow comments, ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, ect, are full of trolls. It could be a story about saving kittens and the trolls would come out in full force. I guess it is the same everywhere, look at the comments on youtube. There are just so many sad people that want to spread hate everywhere. I just take public comments with a grain of salt.

  2. Nice video, no really snarky tone. Comments, well, just think of some of the comments on this very site on occasion. Getting more exposure for tiny houses is good,some of the people watching this TV piece might never have heard of tiny houses otherwise and who knows what a difference it might make in their lives.

    As far as TV goes, owning or not owning one confers no moral superiority or lack of it. It’s not good to spend a lot of time immobile in front of any screen or watching drek but there are good, informative programs or great entertainment at times. TV has it’s pleasures but just like any other treat, don’t overindulge and try for quality over quantity. Besides, if you turn off all the lights at night and turn on the tv it makes a great moth trap, especially a blue screen. Just be ready with the fly swatter.

  3. Congratulations guys, you did it! Don’t listen to the naysayers! They have just been brainwashed into thinking bigger is better. And when they lose their job and their house like most Americans now, they will be seeing your tiny house in a different light!

  4. Melinda Golden’s comment is exactly on the bull’s eye correct.Historically speaking, people have been brainwashed into the most absurd things it’s downright embarrassing and in a couple hundred years
    this BIG HOUSE AND BIG MOWED LAWN YARD crap will be yet another.

  5. It’s funny how young people see the world. Growing up in the ’60s, there were my parents and six kids. Our house was 1100 sq feet and I never thought of it as small. We had to share a room but everyone I knew did as well. I wouldn’t want to have grown up in the 80s and 90s when excess was the norm. I think it is alot of those young people whom are interested in simplfying their live. Must have read Emerson 😉


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