Walla Walla Bungalow for Sale

Chelsey from Walla Walla, Washington contacted me about a small house she had spotted for sale in her home town. Having lived in that area for two years during my college days and communicating with Chelsey, we discovered that we both had graduated from Walla Walla University located in College Place which is a small town right next to Walla Walla.

This Quaint Bungalow Would Make A Great First Home Or A Vacation Rental. It Is Conveniently Located Near Scenic Downtown Walla Walla, And Is Priced To Move. Owner Offering Lease Option. At 420 square feet and a price of $25,000, this would be a neat little house to own. At that price I imagine it might require some work, but worth checking into. Sorry, no interior photos or floor plan. You can view the listing here.


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Chrystal Ocean - February 3, 2010 Reply

If only it was here. This is something I could afford. Sigh. There are no such deals on vancouver Island. Price of land is too high.

Mrs. Money - February 3, 2010 Reply

Wow! that is so tiny and so cheap!

luke - February 3, 2010 Reply

Oh yeah! Adventist tiny house partay!

    Chelsey - February 3, 2010 Reply

    @Luke: You buy the house, I’ll bring the decaffeinated soda and Superlinks. 🙂

Bonnie - February 4, 2010 Reply

YUM! The outside looks very nice.

Denise - February 5, 2010 Reply

I absolutely love this little bungalow. It’s definitely got that “right cottage look” that I love so! Now if only there was a way to get it to SC…

Jin - April 7, 2011 Reply

Can we reexamine the year it was built? jeez only almost 100 years old. Pretty sturdy house huh?

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