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Steve Martinez one of the Tiny House Blog readers, wrote me recently about a property he has for sale in Northern Arizona with a tiny Sheldon Designs CW96 home partially built. He has it listed on Ebay and I will let him describe it below:

Are you looking to escape the rat race and live a simpler, easier lifestyle? Are you looking to be self-sustaining and live off the grid? Then look no further than this beautiful acre in Northern Arizona. This lot has unobstructed southern exposure, so it is perfect for solar power generation, plus there is always a breeze, so wind power generation is an option too.


This property is located 200 miles northeast of Phoenix, Arizona, and 30 miles northeast of Show Low, Arizona. The property is located in the quiet community of Concho Valley, Arizona and is located approximately 5 miles from AZ-61 on a dirt road. The Concho Valley Country Club is located near the property, so if you enjoy golfing, you are no more than 10 minutes away from a course. The property is peaceful with little noise, with the exception of an occasional airplane passing by or cow mooing. There are seldom any passing cars down the road, since it is a dead end.

What You Get

  • 1.07 Acres of land in Concho Valley, Arizona
  • One 8’x12’ building with a 4’ porch
  • Miscellaneous building materials, including insulation, laminate flooring, and miscellaneous lumber
  • 3250 Watt Troy-Bilt generator (3500 starting watts)
  • Xantrex Solar Power Pack
  • “Humanure” compost collection toilet
  • Amazing views

Steve is not able to finish the property because he has to move back to Michigan. To view the Ebay listing go here. This might be the great off/grid site you have been looking for.


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9 thoughts on “Tiny House/Off Grid Property for Sale”

  1. Hi,
    Just wondering who Steve Martinez is.
    Is he a friend or a reader of your blog, a realtor, or tiny house maker?
    Just curious.

    • Hi Jeff, one of the Tiny House Blog readers, I’ll put it above. I like to let the Tiny House Blog readers know what is available out there so if a reader share something I try to pass it on.


  2. Thanks Kent.
    I’ve sort of been curious about the area, so I’m going to put that item on my ebay watchlist and may end up bidding.

  3. Looks like it could be a neat weekend or vacation retreat. For full time use one would want to find out how much it would cost to have water hauled in since there’s not water supply. Water wells in places like this like this could cost maybe $100K so you need to keep this in mind. A septic system $5K on up. Was a building permit obtained? So before you know it that neat little cheap cabin in the country has turned into a major money pit. Also for dog lovers, in Arizona ranchers have the right to shoot any dog on site that harass their livestock. Just be careful and check out everything before you buy!

  4. I agree with your statement Tim – I live in the county and I know for a fact this tiny house would not be allowed at all. And also it looks like shill bidding on ebay with one bidder pushing up the price.


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