Seattle Purple Harp Mobile

The Purple Harpmobile, featured in Tiny House Blog in June, is in Seattle and is for sale.

She now has 3 windows and is just beautiful! Specs are:

  • 4x4x8 feet.
  • 580 pounds and able to be safely towed by a 4 cylinder car.
  • Storage, sleeping and cooking area inside

$2800 obo

Contact Tina at

Thank you!

Tina Larkin M.F.A.
Harp and Fiddle Diva / Visual Artist

HarpMobile Interior

6 thoughts on “Seattle Purple Harp Mobile”

  1. Finally something that looks home made! Functional, affordable shelter, isn’t that the main idea? Gives me hope that I can modify an old pop up camper into a usable vardo type structure. Good on you purple harp lady.

    • Hardly an issue, David, in Seattle.

      I’d buy it myself, for company, if I had any money left from getting my own tiny. This would be so perfect for so many things!

  2. I think that is nice. I like the simplicity of the design. I would paint it a different color, one that would match my car. 🙂

    It looks like something I could build. I am not much of a builder but the design seems simple to replicate.


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