Annemarie and Jadyn McKenna Sale

Annemarie and Jadyn McKenna Sale

Scott Stewart is offering two of his homes that I have featured here at a very special sale price this week only. Scott is offering Annemarie (see previous post) and the Jadyn McKenna (see previous post) units, through the end of this week, November 14, 2010. Scott will offer one Annemarie tiny house for sale for $9950 normally $12,750, and the Jadyn rustic house for $5000 normally $6,500, both of these are picked up at Scott’s yard in Arkansas, Scott will offer delivery anywhere for $3 per loaded mile.

Scott is also offering the Annemarie in a dried in version for $4850. That is this week only through November 14, 2010.

Contact Scott below and please mention you learned about this house on the Tiny House Blog.

Slabtown Customs
Scott Stewart
Mountain View, Arkansas


Jadyn McKenna

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Deek - November 9, 2010 Reply

hey- I like that little annemarie house- very simple- but good lookin’. Is that cantilevered area over the porch a sleeping area? Or just storage? It seems tiny (clearance/height-wise). Anyway, nice work Scott


Scott Stewart - November 9, 2010 Reply

Hey Deek,
thanks, actually that is a sleeping area and there really is more room than it looks, obviously not a lot of room, but enough to sleep comfy in, thanks for comment,


Roberta - November 9, 2010 Reply

Scott–See my email. Am trying to figure how you can stack an Annemarie & a Jadyn McKenna on one trailer bound for New York! (Not really, though I do think the J.McK. would make a great Christmas gift for my brother…) I am going to live in a “Scott Shot(gun)” Tiny House–much to get rid of, and so looking forward to the necessary order that will come with small living. Talk soon–sending my best–Roberta

    Tonita - November 14, 2010 Reply

    Are you thinking of getting the Annemarie?

Tonita - November 11, 2010 Reply

I live in WA state near Seattle. I am very interested in the Annemarie but the shipping/delivery is expensive costing half of what Scott is offering the Annemarie at. If anyone in the Pacific North West is thinking of buying a tiny hm from Scott we could have them delivered at the same time and split the delivery costs. Please respond asap if you are interested in this idea. Scott said he will customize his tiny homes for each buyer. Any WA state wanna be owners on this blog who are ready to buy?

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