Willow Wagon

Terri Freeman met Ron Dakotah last summer coming down the road with a team of horses and this wagon – the wagon didn’t look like this then.

They fell in love and Terri went and towed the wagon back from South Dakota with Ron and he spent all winter putting those willows on the wagon and refurbishing the inside.

If you will look on their website www.rondakotah.com you will see their story and  pics of the wagon when Ron lived in it, which he did in this wagon and others for the last 20 years while traveling throughout the US. Well, since Terry took him off the road, they need to sell the wagon to buy a 4 horse trailer so they can get themselves to the Southwest and out of Montana. Terri is a western artist www.rustycowboy2.com. Terri just painted the door on the wagon in a little while ago, you can check out the pictures below.

I hope you enjoy the blog it’s a unique wagon with a unique story.

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Darrell - July 13, 2010 Reply

There was another man doing the same thing back in the sixties and seventies. He traveled the country with two horses and a dog. His wagon had the normal wagon seat on it tho. Unfortunately, I didn’t talk to him very long.

Louise - July 14, 2010 Reply

What fun to see this! Terri and Ron are “friends of a friend” and I had only heard about them. Thanks for sharing their story.

Home Improvement Vancouver - August 12, 2010 Reply

Its nice to see that there are still few people, who always likes to do lots of fun like this.This is sumthing like old days caravan. People can easily travel by this for few days with their family. It could be a nice journey all over. I am eager to know that whether many other people are their to enjoy their like this way.

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