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The Torrent Ellis Canvas Tent Review

A few months ago Christina covered wall tents in one of her posts as a temporary tiny house option and she featured the Ellis Canvas Tent wall tent in many of her photos in the article. (see it here)

Recently Alex from Ellis Canvas Tents contacted and and let me know that they appreciated the article on the Tiny House Blog. He said that they were no longer making the wall tents but that they had another tent that might work well for tiny housers interested in a short term living quarters or as an extension of their tiny home. Alex asked me if I would like to see one in person and do a review on it. I am impressed with the quality of their tents and jumped at the opportunity to take a look at one in person. A couple of weeks ago the tent arrived and last week before the snow started coming down I headed out to Sparks Lake here in central Oregon to see if I could set it up.

The Torrent is advertised as being easy for one person to set up and I decided I would just read the instructions and try it out. I set up my iPhone for a time-lapse video and went to work. It proved to be quite simple and it did not take me long as you can see in the video below.

The Torrent tent is made of canvas so it is not your light nylon tent. This tent is a 10 x 12 and I think it weighs around 40 pounds with stakes and poles. I had no problem fitting it into my MINI cooper though and it has good handles and so is relatively easy to haul around.


These tents are built in Durango, Colorado an area that is known for harsh winters. They are designed to work well in snow or rain and you can add a wood burning stove to your tent and they have an outlet for the stove pipe if you need one.

IMG_0922 IMG_0916

As you can see by the photos there is a lot of good living space in this tent and there is even a larger 12 x 14 and a smaller 8 x 10 so you decide how much space you need for yourself. This tent could be set up off the ground on a platform if you were going to use it for a more permanent situation.

I personally am very impressed with this canvas tent and if you are looking for something along these lines I would recommend you check out Ellis Canvas Tents.


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Mkp - November 7, 2015 Reply

Nice tent. Love sparks lake, a nice lake near my home.

Tobit - November 7, 2015 Reply

Looks like a nice tent and of a similar design to the 12×12 canvas tent I have. I can’t wait to get to my land and share it with you and maybe your readers. I plan to live out of it for 3 to 5 years while I figure out a more permanent tiny shelter to build on my land.

JT - November 8, 2015 Reply

If anyone is in the market for a really good quality Canvas Wall Tent or Tee-Pee , Sheridan Tent and Awning makes some of the worlds best . Here is there website .

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