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October 15, 2018

Spokane End Hobbit House Celebrates the Books of Tolkien

Named after the cozy home in the ground owned by Hobbits Bilbo and Frodo Baggins, Spokane End is a human-sized version of Bag End. Designed and built by Ryan Oelrich of Spokane, Wash. the little house with the round, red door sits comfortably in front of his “regular-sized” home.

Ryan Oelrich built his Hobbit-inspired house in four months.

Oelrich was recently featured on a Spokane news station for his little house, which only took four months to build. Oelrich has been collecting Hobbit and JRR Tolkien memorabilia for years. He was inspired to build Spokane End after visiting the Hobbiton film set in New Zealand. The little dwelling features special details from the books including mushrooms, garden wizards, dragon-shaped bells, and a stained glass window with an eagle on it.

The house features special details from JRR Tolkien’s books.

The interior has chairs made out of barrels and a cozy fireplace.


Books and movie figurines decorate the tiny dwelling.

Oelrich uses the house as a little reading and writing nook and office. The exterior features the typical round door found in Hobbit homes adorned with a Celtic-style tree (which looks very much like the White Tree of Gondor). The roof is covered with soil, sod and green plants. A small lantern lights the way into the home. The interior has a wood writing desk, chairs made from barrels, a map of Middle-earth, and a cozy fireplace. The garden features a guest book, a scavenger hunt game for children and adults, and even a geocache.

The house is only available for viewing from the street, but you can leave a note in the guest book.

Photos by Spokane End

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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