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Arched Steel Homes from SteelMaster

There is no question that the arch is one of the strongest shapes on earth. It has been used to build everything from massive cathedrals to literal Hobbit homes for centuries. So, what if you add steel to that shape? You get an even stronger option for different types of buildings, including tiny homes.

More info on Mark’s 10′ x 12′ hut in the featured image.

The classic arch has both strength and beauty.

SteelMaster is a company located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. They build steel arched buildings for everything from airplane hangers to backyard sheds. They even sell kits for tiny and small homes as well as quonset huts.

This SteelMaster home is off-grid and was built by hand.

There are many benefits to a steel building. Many of the SteelMaster buildings can be completed in a few days rather than several months. Both steel and the arch shape are very strong and can withstand high winds and snow loads.

Steel homes can be build on a variety of landscapes.

In addition, they are eco-friendly. Steel is made from over 80 percent recycled materials and can reflect heat away from the interior. SteelMaster coats the exterior of their buildings with Galvalume Plus which eliminates the need for painting. No wood also means no rot.

Personal touches can be added to the inside and outside.

The company features a line of residential home designs that can be customized to your specific lot and style. They also have their q-model or a Quonset Hut prefab kit. The kits can be installed by a team of two to five people in a few days. Each building is also backed by a 30-year guarantee.

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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