Snowbirds in Florida

One of our readers, Royal sent this to me the other day and I wanted to share this unique home with you. On Monday 11/02/2009 Royal saw this trailer in the parking lot of WalMart in Mariana, Florida.

This little home is certainly distinctive!  Due to the signs on the back of the trailer (Neenah, WI – Tampa, FL) and the owner saying they had come to Florida for the winter…I assume they are snowbirds.

The owner said the following may be hard to believe, but the left rear corner of the trailer was run into by a car driver … IN BROAD DAYLIGHT!

The owner had to straighten it out and used hose clamps to pull the back and side together again … and used lots of caulk on both the outside and the inside to water-proof it.


Most of the the stickers are on a single topic.  One sticker says, “Watch out for motorcycles.”  One on each side says, “Share the road with bicycles.”  And he says he used a lot of trucker reflective strips to avoid being run into at night.  Florida isn’t the only place they have traveled.

The owner stated that one time the trailer actually made it all the way out to California and back.  When I saw this trailer, it was being towed by a utility van.  They have a small black & white dog.


I did not get a look inside the trailer … I had to move my 18-wheeler truck out of the WalMart parking lot …

– Royal  🙂


4 thoughts on “Snowbirds in Florida”

  1. …aside from the obvious “I would never put all that crap on my trailer”. I do like the idea of reflective tape.

    Considering MOST trailers/campers are parked at night, you never know when someone might just not be paying attention…SAFETY, good idea

    I guess that leads to the question, do Jay’s houses and the Sing RV types along with the others have any type of “night road safety” features?

    Most people are NOT going to be moving at night, but if you do drive at night you will notice more and more Truckers have enhanced lighting and reflective features these days. This would certainly be something to consider if you are a “mobile” traveller/dweller!


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