Ziggy visits Cob Cottage Company

Ziggy, who built his own cob house sent me a note telling me about his visit to the the Cob Cottage Company in Oregon.

He just put up a post with a slide show of pictures of his visit. He went to visit Ianto Evans and Linda Smiley in their home in Coquille, Oregon.

Ianto and Linda are two very influential cob building pioneers in North America, and authors of The Hand-Sculpted House, the number one go-to book for cob construction.


Be sure and watch his slide show and read his post as he covers a lot of good information on cob building and what he learned from his visit. Here is what Ziggy came away with from his visit:

Having spent those few days at the Cob Cottage Company, I have felt my desire to continue building with cob strengthened. I love the idea of building a sheltered cob seating area at Dancing Rabbit, or building a couple of very small cob cabins for visitors, guests, etc. I also adore the idea of building cob walls, and trying to make that work at Dancing Rabbit to create and define space. I also have some ideas of teaching cob building, and hosting actual workshops.

We shall see. But I can definitely say my visit to Ianto and Linda’s land has been very motivational. -Ziggy

Photo Credits – Ziggy

cob interior1


11 thoughts on “Ziggy visits Cob Cottage Company”

  1. I’m usually a pretty traditional person, but this is awesome. I love the free form of it, and that everything is built in. Fabulous. I want it.

  2. I love the whole idea and how it looks, but the windows don’t appear to be the type which open and I’d die from lack of fresh air.

  3. Are any of these house for rent? Is there a community (in Oregon or even elsewhere) where people can rent or buy one of these amazing houses that are already built?

  4. Love that there are not a lot of strictly perpendicular angles, or straight edges, yet if feels very ‘proper’ and orderly. Very cozy/comfortable without a pointedly ‘organic’/mother earth message. (nothing wrong with the latter, but I like this too–maybe, even ‘more’).

  5. I LOVE this house! I love the freestyle, the kitchen…everything. I want to build one…in the forest and spend the rest of my days there. I must contact them and take a workshop. Sounds like my first step!!! LOL


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