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Hi, my name is Rick Brown and I have been following your blog for quit some time.

About a year ago me and my wife Barbi saw a old sheep wagon for sale and we have some property in Idaho. We often get visitors and ask them to stay but they feel like they are intruding on us and don’t stay. When we saw this sheep wagon I suggested that we buy it and fix it up as a guest house.

When we inquired about the price we were floored at what they were asking, $7,000 and it was in really bad shape. I told my wife that I could build one brand new for that kind of money. I spend approx. $9,000 on materials including the trailer. Here are the results.

You can contact me at rickandbarbi (at) if you would like to learn more.

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Cheryl - September 9, 2014 Reply

Charming! I love how warm and inviting it is and your guests will love staying over now.

Becca - September 9, 2014 Reply

The wood you used looks stunning

Khadija - September 9, 2014 Reply

This is amazingly done. I love all of the country touches!

Barbara S - September 9, 2014 Reply

Who would not want to stay there! TOO CUTE

George - September 9, 2014 Reply

I like what you did. Did you draw up plans or build on the go. I would to pay for a plans and a materials list. How long is the structure. Once again great job”….

Twiggs - September 9, 2014 Reply

It is so beautiful inside. If it were mine I would cover the metal with some sort of small wood shingle something woodsy. Maybe that is next. I guess if you don’t need to move it a little extra weight wouldn’t matter. Love all of the creative touches!

Mary Berry - September 9, 2014 Reply

Super pretty! Your sink concept is really clever. Does it actually have a drain? or do you throw it out the back door?

Marsha Cowan - September 9, 2014 Reply

Wow! Very nicely done! So warm and cozy with the beautiful rich wood hues. I think you nailed it!

ruth davis - September 9, 2014 Reply

Always love to see people be creative in our throw away environment. So glad you were able to build it so reasonable. I hope you took photos to mail to the old sheep wagon owner that was for sale at an outrageous price. You are one smart family, and can use this for so many outings, and for company as a guest home.

Jules - September 10, 2014 Reply

What a great idea for the kitchen sink.

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