Unique Bathroom Furnishings

I want to thank Justin from materialicious.com for pointing me to a couple of space saving bathroom fixtures.

This is very modern furniture that would be used in a small house or tiny living area. The first is the hideaway sink which pulls out of the wall only when needed. Give guests more space to move around in a powder room by tucking the sink into a drawer that slides in and out of the wall. I have not been able to track down the price on this one yet.

Hide and Sink

Hide and Sink

The second is the Vertabrae Bathroom System which is an incredibly compact and vertical bathroom unit that houses just about everything you need in your bathroom. This stylish aluminum sculpture of seven stacked modules that rotate from the center “spinal column,” has every basic item you need in a bathroom, plus it leaves you some room to bend down to touch your toes without hitting your head on the way up.
With a toilet, sink and two modules (one for children), the Vertibrae gives most of the space in your bathroom right back to you. And the Vertebrae even provides some space for shower, bath, shaving, and cosmetic products right along the column. Cleaning supplies and your favorite toilet paper… in the cupboards under the toilet seat. This one may be only for those who have plenty to spend, as it is my understanding the price is $17k for the unit.

These modern bathroom units would fit in very well in a modern home and go along with such things as a modern bedroom using a modern platform bed,  a modern living room using a modern sectional sofa, modern tv stand, modern leather sofas. So you rustic folks like me may chose to look for something else. Anyway some cool stuff worth looking into.

Vertabrae Bathroom System

Vertabrae Bathroom System

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dottyspots - October 13, 2008 Reply

One thing that I wonder about re the drawer sink – what’s on the other side of the wall for the drawer to slide into?

Kent - October 13, 2008 Reply

Very good point! You would need a deep enough wall or space behind it to hold the sink. Maybe if it is backing a closet it would not defeat the purpose as much.

Michael S. - May 16, 2009 Reply

I would imagine the utility of the re-drawer sink lies in the opportunity it offers of repurposing a formerly unusable space i.e.: a hallway-end, or broom closet. Walls cannot be moved, but adjoining spaces can be adjusted.

Benjamin - July 4, 2009 Reply

I don’t think you gain much space with the hide and sink (I like the name!) because, once pushed in, you still have that faucet poking out (and poking you). Maybe it needs a faucet that slides into the wall too, or the faucet could be made part of the sink. Or a halfway measure would be a faucet that pivots so it could be rotated against the wall.

Robert - August 2, 2009 Reply

I like the idea of the faucet that pivots against the wall, but the faucet attached to the sink could also work.

Jake Duffner - October 24, 2010 Reply

I agree with the fact you don’t gain much because you still have the faucet jutting out. That concerns me too because I have yet to see a faucet that does not drip at least a little bit after turning the water off. I’m picturing discolored and moist floors over time.

Transylvan - March 19, 2011 Reply

The faucet could be attached to the retractable portion of the apparatus concealing it as well. Very cool.

Olivia Jacob - January 21, 2013 Reply

The sink looks awesome, but I wonder how much space would it require to install it. Anyways hats off to the designers.

Dougie Hall - June 24, 2013 Reply

I think many are missing the point of the sliding sink design:
Check out the picture – this is all about creating access to the toilet in a crazy cramped bathroom.

As far as ajoining space / wall space – it’s not clear just how far in this thing actually slides. Even halfway in would open enough space for your knees while sitting on the toilet…

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