Tiny House Parking: Leveling Tips

Leveling and stabilizing your tiny house is incredibly important. It really needs to be a top priority. It’s literally foundational to a stable, sane tiny living experience. Believe me, sleeping in a crooked house will slowly drive you crazy. Are you a permanent fixture in your community? Or, are you … Read more

What Goes into a Tiny House Moving Day?

Have you ever wondered what goes into a tiny house moving day? From prepping to travel to set-up in a new parking spot, you might be surprised at the number of steps involved. Most importantly, we share how to do it safely. Watch this video for the nitty-gritty! Whether you … Read more

6’7″ Man’s Peaceful, Simple Tiny House Life in Alaska

Kevin’s tiny house life in Alaska is centered around his three loves—nature, music, and teaching. It is nestled in a gorgeous mountain landscape with superb wildlife watching opportunities. There he relishes the intimate connection he feels with his surroundings, largely thanks to the many windows in his small space. Kevin … Read more

Permaculture Tiny House Community Farm in North Carolina

Have you ever dreamed of living off the land in a tiny house community setting? If the answer is yes, then you’ll love the Wildwoods Community Farm in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. It’s a permaculture tiny house village, home to several DIY homes and volunteer accommodations. Neighbors include free-range chickens … Read more

Just Park It: Tiny Living in Central Oregon

Back in December, we sought winter tiny house parking in central Oregon. Ultimately, we settled in Bend is one of our favorite cities. It’s small but happening and has amazing nature access, including a nearby ski resort. There are charming coffee shops and breweries for days. I set a fun … Read more

Just Park It: Fields, Ranches and Casinos of NorCal

Northern California stretches from San Luis Obispo County to the Oregon state line. It is diverse, grandly beautiful and chock full of tiny houses. They can be found on farms, ranches, vineyards and of course, backyards. Beginning March 5th, we could see them greatly multiply across San Luis Obispo backyards … Read more

Just Park It: FREE and Off Grid in Las Cruces

On our late fall tiny house road trip through southern New Mexico, it felt like spring. Warm, sunny days and cool nights. We discovered an enchanting free boondocking site on the outskirts of Las Cruces. For four days, our backyard was the rugged Organ Mountains. Specifically, we were parked in … Read more

Just Park It: Skoolie Homestead in New Mexico

Homesteading can take many forms, as we learned in our recent visit to northern New Mexico. Our friends, Trebventure, are a family of five. They converted a school bus into a stunning home on wheels. Together they traveled for several months, enjoying the freedom of nomadic living. When they felt … Read more

Just Park It: Tiny House Communities in Durango, CO

One of our recent tiny house parking spots was in beautiful Durango. It is located in southwestern Colorado where the high desert meets the mountains.  This bustling little city is known as mountain biking and kayaking haven. It now becoming known as a tiny house friendly city, offering multiple legal … Read more