From 1 Tiny Home Community in PA to 40 nationwide!

Abby Shank opened the Tiny Estates tiny home community in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania in 2018. Now she’s planning to develop as many as 40 tiny house communities across the USA, thanks to a deep financial fund and all of her know-how. Announcements for the first five might come as soon as … Read more

Couple’s Side by Side Tiny Houses

Elisa and Ryk are a happily married couple who live in side by side tiny houses. They’re parked next to each other with a shared yard at an RV/THOW community in Welches, Oregon. Impressively, even with two homes and double the lot rent, plus utilities, they still save $600 per … Read more

Her Illegal Tiny Container Home on Wheels

For the past five years, Robyn has lived in her tiny container home on wheels. It’s 160 square feet and 20 feet long. When designing it, she wanted it to be bright and open, with as many windows as possible. With the French doors and the original shipping container doors … Read more

North Carolina’s New Tiny House Community

Welcome to North Carolina’s new tiny house community, Cranmore Meadows. It’s located in Haw River, part of the Piedmont Region. The village sits on a 30-acre nature preserve and is split into three meadows. As you enter, the first meadow features the community guest house, shared kitchen & laundry room, … Read more

Relaxed Living at LuxTiny Tiny Home Community

LuxTiny is a tiny home community in northern Arizona. Currently, it features 41 parking spots for full-time living and a few rentals. It feels very much like a neighborhood versus an RV park with a much larger average lot size at 3500 square feet. The multiple rows of unique-looking tiny … Read more

Latest Tiny Home Community in Colorado

Hermosa Orchards Village is the latest tiny home community in Colorado, located in beautiful La Plata county. Three hundred sixty mountain views surround the little neighborhood. It’s also just a few steps away from a trail system and a short drive to a ski resort, hot springs, and charming downtown … Read more

Her 32′ Tiny House with Main Level Bedroom

Terri is an empty nester living in her 32′ tiny house with a main level bedroom. It’s custom-built by Indigo River Tiny Homes to suit her perfectly, which it does. Preparing to live it by drastically downsizing liberated her, helping her see what’s truly essential in her life. Curating her belongings, … Read more

Couple’s Tiny House with Amazing Catio

Newlyweds, Jacob and Michael live in a lovely 26-foot tiny house with an amazing catio. They found a convenient parking spot with a sizable lot in the Crosswinds RV & Tiny Home Community. It’s close to their jobs in Fort Worth, Texas. Impressively, their outdoor deck doubles their living space … Read more

New Tiny House Community in British Columbia is Opening

Looking for tiny house parking in British Columbia, Canada? Good news! Wheat Grass Tiny Homes in the Country is a developing off-grid community near Mt. Baldy. It sits on a gorgeous two-acre property with mountain views. Six gravel pads are available for rent, each measuring approximately 12-feet by 30-feet. Next … Read more

Tiny House Parking: What Are Your Options?

Is uncertainty or anxiety around finding tiny house parking, keeping you from pursuing your simple living dream? Most don’t realize there’s a wide range of available options available. Though finding your ideal spot can require much legwork. Further, if you want a fully legal option, you’ll need to embrace location … Read more