New Tiny House Community in British Columbia is Opening

Looking for tiny house parking in British Columbia, Canada? Good news! Wheat Grass Tiny Homes in the Country is a developing off-grid community near Mt. Baldy. It sits on a gorgeous two-acre property with mountain views. Six gravel pads are available for rent, each measuring approximately 12-feet by 30-feet. Next to each pad is a private garden space.

Importantly water is provided, but each tiny house on wheels owner will need to supply their own power. Optional WiFi service is also available despite the limited utility access.

Tiny home community founder Gareth Wheatley is looking for feedback from THOW owners:

“We currently have 6 gravel pads that have water and septic connections. Meaning that power would need to be self- generated by residents. Currently we are having trouble getting committed off-grid THOW owners renting spaces and are coming to the realization that most people want a “plug & play setup”.

We are currently costing out getting grid power to the property or investing in a modular solar system that would grow with the number of residents renting a pad.
I have 2 questions:
1. Am I correct in assuming most THOW owners are interested in being on grid or atleast having access to external power to their home?
2. If we where to install a power supply, would we have any interested THOW owners who are looking for parking from this community?”

Share your feedback or reserve one of the five remaining pads by contacting him here:

Cover image photo credit: Wheatgrass Tiny Homes in the Country

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