Modern Garage Conversion Tiny House

Have you ever considered turning a garage into a living space? Digs Co did just that. This husband and wife team created a garage conversion tiny house vacation rental. It’s a charming modern living space with quirky decor and fun features. For example, they installed netted lounge space, aka a Bird’s … Read more

Unique 3-Bedroom Tiny House Rental

Achieving a 3-bedroom tiny house is no easy feat. At a whopping 37-feet long, The Big Stump tiny home rental was built on a gooseneck trailer. Impressively, it features a downstairs bedroom, a standing-height gooseneck bedroom, and a sleeping loft. A sense of privacy is achieved for each, thanks to … Read more

Retiree Earns $3,000/Month with Tiny House Rental

Meet Laurel, an Airbnb Superhost in Northern California. She designed an exceptional gooseneck tiny house on wheels to earn extra income during her retirement. Now she earns an average of $3,000 per month with her tiny house rental! It all began with a love for tiny house designs, so when … Read more

Artist Converts Garage into Vibrant Tiny House Rental

Artist Converts Garage into tiny house

Michael is a Sacramento-based artist who converted a garage into an art-filled tiny house. Hosting the Tiny Art House nurtures his creative side while significantly contributing to his income. He built it for only $55,000, inclusive of landscaping. Impressively, he makes at least $1,600 per month from Airbnb hosting while his mortgage … Read more

Playhouse and Food Cart Tiny House Conversions

tiny house conversions

Welcome back to Michelle (MJ) Boyle’s enchanting My Tiny House Village for tours of her largest and smallest rentals. Both tiny house conversions are completely transformed from their original form.  Michelle transformed a long-time pancake food cart into a charming wine-themed tiny house with a downstairs sleeping area with a … Read more

Klickitat Treehouse: a Luxurious Nature Experience


Klickitat Treehouse is an extraordinary alpine modern tiny house fully supported by large fir trees in White Salmon, Washington. Spending the night there is absolutely magical! During our stay there, every window view reminded me that we were suspended in the trees, an intimate nature experience that is surprisingly soothing. … Read more

How to Start Up and Manage a Tiny House Rental

Are you considering renting out a tiny house but looking for advice on how to startup? Keep reading to learn how to manage tiny home rental property. Demand for tiny houses is skyrocketing. This may be impacted by tough economic times. Though, recession presents an opportunity for real estate investors … Read more

Looking for a Tiny House Beach Getaway?

Looking for a relaxing oceanside getaway in a charming tiny house on wheels? Then you definitely want to check out Tiny House Siesta, a resort village in Sarasota, Florida. Experience laid-back tiny living and beach vibes during a stay in a vacation rental. Choose from 13 different, pet-friendly tiny houses. … Read more

Just Park It: an Orlando Tiny Home Community

Orlando Lakefront at College Park pioneered the RV/Tiny House community idea back in 2015. The owner has slowly transformed it from a run-down 1950’s RV park to a lush modern tiny home community. It has an invigorating vibe, thanks to the active lifestyle of many of the diverse residents. The … Read more