Unique 3-Bedroom Tiny House Rental

Achieving a 3-bedroom tiny house is no easy feat. At a whopping 37-feet long, The Big Stump tiny home rental was built on a gooseneck trailer. Impressively, it features a downstairs bedroom, a standing-height gooseneck bedroom, and a sleeping loft. A sense of privacy is achieved for each, thanks to closing doors—including the tiniest door you’ve ever seen!

The quirky nature of that itty-bitty door and the interesting overall division of space for the kitchen and bathroom bring up an important question. Is this tiny house on wheels well-suited for full-time living, or is it more appropriate as a short-term rental? It certainly offers an exciting potential for a family living situation—semi-private bedrooms. But is there enough functional floor space and storage? Notably, the answer to this is very much based on your personal preferences and needs.

Importantly, we had a wonderful stay in this dog-friendly rental with our pup, Winnie. We enjoyed many walks to The Big Stump Beach, just one block away. One of the fantastic features of the Tiny Tranquility community on the Oregon Coast. In this tiny home village, you can enjoy a nightly rental or long-term living in your own beautifully landscaped lot. Here’s a look inside community life for one full-time couple.

Pros & Cons:

  • Pro for FT: roomy open floor space in the living area
  • Con: the large railing is a little obtrusive when sitting on the couch
  • Pro for VR: the railing provides stability for stairs use; important for liability concerns
  • Con: the railing gets in the way of the open feeling the floating stairs could provide; a solution is a wall-mounted railing or lighter gauge metal
  • Pro for FT: three separate bedrooms
  • Con for FT: the tiny door to the sleeping loft is really only suitable for a small child—kids grow quickly!
  • Pro for FT: room to fit a large apartment size fridge and a drawer dishwasher
  • Con for FT: limited counter space for cooking enthusiasts—our 17.5′ long THOW has more room!
  • Pro: large relaxing bathtub!
  • Con: underutilized storage space in the bathroom; also, do you really need a separate shower?
  • Pro for FTa standing height gooseneck bedroom—tall enough for a 6’2″ person!
  • Con for FT: no hanging closet; there’s plenty of available room to add one

Watch the tour above, and let us know your thoughts!

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