Miranda W.’s Budget-Friendly Van Tours

Thousands of van conversion videos and tours are available at our fingertips. While they are drool-worthy, most of them include features many of us can only dream of having in our own vans (if we win the lottery). Miranda’s humble yet bright and colorful van tells another story. Miranda W. … Read more

Union Pacific’s “What Did You Build?” Project

What did you build?

Hey everyone this really looks like fun. If you have built your own tiny house and want a chance to show it off continue reading. Recently, Union Pacific Railroad launched an initiative meant to celebrate do-it-yourself enthusiasts while giving back to four organizations: Girls Inc., the National Action Alliance for … Read more

Ode to the Outhouse

The lowly outhouse may be making a comeback. Some tiny houses being designed these days are not being outfitted with a bathroom or even a space for a composting toilet. While a specific design or structure may be sound and even really beautiful, it may not provide people with one … Read more

Tiny Houses for St. Nick

The big guy from the North Pole might not fit inside this tiny house, but it makes for a cute addition to the Christmas Tree Village shopping center in Incline Village on the north shore of Lake Tahoe. The Christmas Tree Village has been at the lake since the 1970s … Read more