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Couple Builds the Applegate Cottage on Whidbey Island

I’m a big fan of strawbale construction.

My friend and mentor in strawbale Andrew Morrison who I have covered several times over the years just shared a post on his site about a couple who completed a small strawbale home the Applegate Cottage. I wanted to make sure you saw it and have put a few photos to show you what they have done.

I would also like to encourage you to take one of his strawbale workshops if you want to follow this type of construction. I had the privilege of going to one a few years back and highly recommend it.

Here is a post about the Applegate Cottage I covered here on the Tiny House Blog. Here is also a link to the plans if you are interested in taking on a project like this yourself.

This beautiful bungalow style home is perfect for those looking to get out of the rat race by downsizing into something that is super-efficient and cost-effective. This is a perfect example of a space-smart design in which every space has a use and is essential to the overall flow of the home.

Andrew Morrison’s intro to his post below.

Andrew says: I met Paul and Sara in 2015, long before they moved into their very own Applegate Cottage, at my seven-day, hands-on workshop in La Grande, Oregon, and was immediately struck by what an awesome couple they are. They had a work ethic like I’d not seen in years, and were always full of smiles and enthusiasm. That energy didn’t waver, even when the work at hand was less than “fun.” I think I will always remember the two of them shoveling plaster for hours in the nearly 100-degree heat of eastern Oregon with smiles from ear to ear.

Continue reading the post here.

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