Zyl Vardo’s Music Box House

The Music Box house, in the sun-dappled woods of the Pacific Northwest.

It is a new design, and is fresh out of the Zyl Vardos workshop. 24′ long, 8.5′ wide, 14′ high. The stained glass in this one is gorgeous and was crafted by the owner. Bed is on the ground floor (no loft) and a big bathtub.

Music Box 1

An interior photo tour of the Music Box house. This is the (very pretty) house Abel just completed it for a very sweet couple not far from him in the Pacific Northwest. Let him know what you think…

Music Box 2

Photos credit: Abel Zyl
Design and build: Zyl Vardos, Olympia, WA, USA

Music Box kitchen

Music Box sink

Music Box bathroom sink

Music Box shower

9 thoughts on “Zyl Vardo’s Music Box House”

  1. Like all of Zyl’s Vardos, it is a work of art. I love this one. The sinks are gorgeous, and the penny floor and counter in the bathroom is perfect. Lucky folks that live in this beauty! Beautiful stained glass piece as well, so nice to be able to incorporate personal pieces

  2. This is the perfect tiny house for my mom! As she is older, she would need a one-level with no loft, and she would LOVE the full size bathroom! She likes to take baths. What does this run?

  3. Simply stunning. It makes me want to get away from it all and live in a perfectly tiny, perfectly cozy caravan. I would spend my days puttering, gardening, and hiking and my evenings drinking wine and listening to the radio before climbing into my cozy bed with a book.

  4. I was looking for an oval shower rod to put over my tub, but they were very expensive. Did you find one that was more reasonable or build one? Did you salvage the cedar shake shingles or cut them to odd sizes? how did you line them up so it wouldn’t get wavy on the walls?
    Thanks, love this, but probably out of my price range. How much do you want? Do you ship free to Texas? I’m dreamin’, huh?


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