YahiniHomes: Tiny, mobile homes

Danny Yahini’s tiny house company, YahiniHomes, offers the best of both worlds in the small house industry. His various custom homes are not only small and portable, but they can also be set up on a trailer, or on your choice of foundation, and then added onto later to accommodate life’s little changes.

Danny, who’s based in Athens, Ohio, has been designing and building small, energy efficient homes since the 1980s. He now concentrates on building smaller, moveable homes that are affordable for his clients. All of Danny’s well-insulated cabins are built with high quality materials and are designed to be moved easily. They can also be designed with detachable porches and decks. The cabins can include local and natural materials like natural edge poplar and bamboo flooring and Danny utilizes solar power and heating systems in off-grid cabins.



He currently has four different designs: the 15’x20′ Cabin, the 8’x18′ Side Porch Cabin, the 8’x14′ Off Grid Cabin and the 8’x18′ Butterfly Cabin. His latest design is The Pod, a 12’x24′ skid mounted home that is designed to be added onto. The cost of the passive solar Pod was around $20,000 and the 2×6 walls of the home were finished with stucco paint.

The interiors of the YahiniHomes feature simple, beautiful designs, storage and versatile bed and living areas. They all contain kitchens and bathrooms. The 8’x14′ Off Grid Cabin has a interesting platform bed (like a sheep wagon) that accommodates additional storage and a pull-out table.










Photos courtesy of YahiniHomes


By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

17 thoughts on “YahiniHomes: Tiny, mobile homes”

  1. I’d love to get an idea what the base pricing is on each model. Website has nice pics but not much specific info regarding pricing/options.

    • Yeah, a kind of price per square foot or something. That is the way typical residential builders do it, so maybe tiny house builders could figure out how to have a price per square foot that potential customers could use to budget their dreams.

  2. I like these places. I’d love a weekend place on the Allegheny river so I could fish, row, & paddle. Such a nice river, but it floods. (It is a river after all.) These would be perfect. Just move it during flood warnings.

  3. Really cool houses! I, too, want to know where he got that sink. I liked the storage in the kitchens and the beautiful cabinets. Great job!

  4. For those of you asking about the tiny sink, check out Ikea (www.ikea.com). They have sinks that stick out about 24in from the wall. You will have to search for Bathroom, go to more categories/options and then scroll down to sinks. They have them for about $80 for just the sink and you can order the fixture with it.

    If you live near an Ikea, I have seen them there, but I have not really lived near one for a few years.If you do not, you can always order one. I know $80 is a bit expensive, but it beats finding a cheap 48in sink that will take up all of your bathroom space!

  5. Love the inside; for those who are asking about tiny sinks, some of the best sinks I’ve seen have been repurposed basins of all kinds; even potteryware and birdbaths. You could commission a glass bowl from a glassblower and have a built-in drain on the bottom easily.

  6. I like the collapsible awning and am in the process of building a tiny house with an awning as well. Do you ever have problems with wind trying to tear it off driving down the highway? Thanks!

    • A collapsible awning would roll in in some capacity. If it is an RV style awning it rolls up into a box and is protected by weather and driving conditions.


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