Tiny House on eBay in New York State

Ted just sent this to me and since the auction expires in less than 24 hours I though I should get it up for all to see. Looks really nice!

Saw this on eBay today, it was in the Camper/RV section. Not much info, but the construction looks to be of very high quality. Odd that it’s not finished, but it’s a nice example. Thought you might be interested. -Ted

Located in Adams Center, NY.


Here is the description:
Tiny House for sale:  Custom made Small House on double axle trailer.  Interior is unfinished.  High quality construction.  9 Pella windows with screens.  2 x 6 walls with double plates.  Exterior with pine clapboards.  Metal roof.

House width: 8′ ,  House length: 17’ ,  Porch: 8’ x 3′ Main Room: 13′ x 7’, Wall height: 6’ 6”, Ceiling peak: 10′ 3″, Interior Loft over porch: L x W x H 3’ x 8′ x 3’,  Loft #2: L x W x H 2’ 6” x 8′ x 3′ 4”,  Road Height: 13′ 5″, Trailer Size: 7’x 16′ with double axle, Dry Weight: 4500 lbs. All measurements are approximate

The buyer is responsible for pickup.

Payment: Deposit of US $1,000.00 within 48 hours of auction close. Full payment required within 7 days of auction close.

Starting Bid: $9,800.

See more pictures and enter your bid at the auction here: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Tiny-House-on-Trailer_W0QQitemZ250478278582QQcmdZViewItemQQptZRVs_Campers?hash=item3a51ab37b6&_trksid=p4506.c0.m245#v4-33



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Contextless Links – JordonCooper.com - August 9, 2009 Reply

[…] Tiny Home on eBay […]

Michael Scully - August 10, 2009 Reply

You tend to write “sense” when you mean “since.”

    Kent Griswold - August 10, 2009 Reply

    Thanks for letting me know, I do have trouble with spelling correctly at times and like to have it right. I have changed it 🙂

Sandi - October 17, 2010 Reply

What would it entail for a Canadian like me to purchase and transport a product like this….would there be prob. with customs?

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