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I’ve discussed Park Model Homes in several other posts on the Tiny House Blog as an option for tiny house living. See the Cavco Cabins, the Cottages to Go, and the Park Model Resorts articles. I wanted to bring them up again as several people have brought a couple of things to my attention in the last few days.

Covelo Park Models

Yvette McGuire of Coast Homes in Fort Bragg California (Homes are sold and no longer available) emailed me recently to let me know that she had a couple of Covelo’s listed at closeout prices of $34,000 and $35,000 and that prices were heading up as the demand is high for Park Model Homes and the price of constructing them has gone up as well. Pictured above are the Covelo ($34k) and Covelo II ($35k, with porch), these are available to be placed where you would like.

Yvette also noted that she had another available in Casper, located just out of Mendocino. Listed for $80,000 plus a month rental fee for the land. This one is shown below and I have attached a pdf file, Casper RV Space, if you would like the full details. (Homes are sold and no longer available).

My friend and I were up in the Sierra’s a couple of weekends ago and discovered a remote piece of land, that is off the grid that I would love to own. Cavco located in Phoenix Arizona has recently come out with an off the grid Park Model Home, and I will be covering that home in the next post. So if you are looking for off the grid options, stay tuned.

My friend also pointed out another Park Model for sale in Lake County, situated on the Lake for $49,200. This price is for the home and it than has a $525 a month rental fee for the placement of the home.

I realize that these are all based in Northern California, but I think if you look in the area you live you will find some of these same options available to you.

Heron Oaks Waterfront Resort

Heron Oaks Waterfront Resort

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Todd - October 14, 2008 Reply

Just a little FYI the units Yvette emailed you about are Silvercrest Park Models built at our Woodland, CA Plant and they are Sierra models. I am not sure where the Covelo name came from other than that is a city not too far from fort bragg? You can take a look at these units when they were being built at our plant on my web album at the following link.

I am the Sales Rep for Silvercrest Park Models Woodland, Ca and Corona, CA if you have any questions comments feel free to contact me anytime 951 310-6605cell

Thanks for your time,

Todd Leaverton

    Filomena Taccariello - November 11, 2018 Reply

    We own cabins in the Smoky Mountains and notice the difference in our sleep, when we are at our cabin vs. our home. Our home has a s.meter.

Diane - October 14, 2008 Reply

My husband and I are currently in the process of purchasing a park model to place on my parents’ land. We’re going through a little dealer in Southwest Washington called the Toutle River RV Resort, and our total cost including tax and freight (not counting site prep) will be just under $40,000 for a loft model. We figure that’s a pretty good price for our first home!

    CHuck - October 3, 2014 Reply

    How did that end up working out? im thinking about buying one from them in the next week or two.

Jerry - October 23, 2008 Reply

There is plenty of sun in Texas and these are nice little homes. I like the solar idea, but it is so hot here I doubt the solar configuration would run an A/C unit.

kay odegaard - December 10, 2008 Reply

I am interested in clearance, new park models, Cavco, Chariot Eagle, and Silvercrest.
Thank you
We live in the Phoenix, Az area

Steve - January 6, 2009 Reply

I got to be honest. Cavco Park Homes and Cabins in Phoenix are truly the best built homes on the market. They are always the leader in creativity, quality and service. We recently did a large sub division of rental cabins. From start to finish the Cavco team was incredible. We toured several factories from Texas to California and settled on Cavco. They are a public company with a solid back ground.


Claudia - May 2, 2009 Reply

I think Park Models are really cute, and an affordable way to downsize and retire….but, can anyone, who actually has lived in them, tell me anything about them?

Terri - June 17, 2009 Reply

We are an award winning manufacturer of park model homes located in Georgia. Park models make wonderful vacation homes and are perfect for what we like to call “mother in law suites.” We also offer a park model analysis to campground owners to show just how much income can be generated by adding park models and cabins to their campground. This is done at no charge to the campground owner. Rental cabins can pay for themselves with in two to three years. Call us today at 866-574-5159 or email us at

gmh - June 22, 2009 Reply

I went to U-Neek RV in Vancouver, WA last week to look at their Park Models. I forget the manufacturer’s name, but all the models were very nice and had plenty of room. I could easily see myself living in one of these except that they were so new, they made my eyes water. All the VOCs coming from the new cabinets, floors, carpets, walls, etc. were really irritating in that small space. I think I would have to get a used one in order to be comfortable. Either that or get a new one and let it sit with fans running and windows open for a few months…

Syd Lapan - August 25, 2009 Reply

I have a brand new Cavco double loft that lives at the dealership in Monroe Washington. I can’t bring it north and need to sell it. I’d like to trade for a nice Class B, but am willing to let it go for almost nothing. Email me and we can talk. Thanks, Syd in Canada

    Erik Amos - October 12, 2009 Reply

    Is this park model still available?

      Syd Lapan - August 30, 2011 Reply

      This trailer has long been sold. I wish I could get it off the blog.

      BTW, I bought it from a dealer in M0nr0e Washington State. BEWARE.

      I have learned that the only thing worse than a used car salesman – is an RV salesman.

Robert - August 29, 2009 Reply

Syd in Canada,
If you could contact me, we might be able to work something out. Robert 802-479-3441

Bud - September 7, 2009 Reply

This is an update:
Coast Homes invintory at closing was aquired by American River Sales in Auburn, Ca.. American River Sales is your 1 stop location for all park model homes in Ca. They have models to show from Cavco, Silvercrest, Athens, Forestriver, and offer Certified Green and full solar and off grid units.
Dealing with a company that specializes in Park Model Home sales can make purchasing less confusing and ultimately less expensive.

Tara Haner - March 25, 2010 Reply

Hi there! I stumbled across your blog today looking for closeout manufactured homes. Interestingly, your mention of off the grid living has me thinking and hoping you may have some information for us. We are hoping to purchase a piece of land that has no electricity to it in order to have a solar or wind powered home for our family (manufactured home) but there appears to be NO ONE who wants to finance an off the grid home. No electricity, no financing, i what we are encountering. Has anyone ever dealt with this or found a way around it? Thanks so much for any input you might have! -A Family in Search of An Off The Grid Lifestyle

Casper dealer furniture - December 23, 2010 Reply

[…] Park Model Clearance – Tiny House Blog – Small House Living 13 Oct 2008. Cavco located in Phoenix Arizona has recently come out with an off the grid Park Model Home, and I will be covering that home in the next Park Model Clearance – Tiny House Blog – Small House Living […]

Veritas - April 15, 2011 Reply

These are the nicest park models I’ve ever seen and they are 100% customizable, built just like a house, built in lynden wa

Krissy - November 2, 2011 Reply

We have a very nice 2008 Fleetwood park model on our property in Carnation, WA, that has been used as a part-time in-law’s quarters. We’d like to sell it fully funished with a lot of extras. We’ve sold our property so we need to get it moved soon. If interested, contact me at this email:

Al - December 6, 2011 Reply

I have been looking at some of these floor plans and I could live in one for sure! I wish there was a way to get them to Canada Nova Scotia lol.

Shawn - February 26, 2012 Reply

Park Model builder in the Texas area. Foam insulation, solid wood cabinets and much more

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