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Mike from Michigan has been following the Tiny House Blog and with his natural instinct to be efficient, he wanted to build a house to put on his land.

Mike has the well and septic system in on his property, but with the economy not what it had been he decided to build a tiny house instead of a larger one.

Mike bought a used camping trailer frame that was already stripped down for $175. Most of the building materials he used were new, however he was able to pick up his windows from a local habit store.

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The building is built of 2×4 construction and has a black steel roof that Mike was able to pick up real cheap because a customer returned it and it was a special order. Mike assembled the roofing and made the custom soffit vent.

Mike painted the door black to match the roof and painted the 1×4 corner trim green as it looks real nice with the cedar color stain.

The interior has not been completed yet, so I will do an update post when Mike has completed the home.

So far Mike has spent about $2000 and he wishes he had taken photos of the construction. It is his own design and he put the home together pretty much by himself. Even raising the walls which was tricky and he had to rig up a rope rigging so that he could accomplish it.

He designed his own rafters and plans to have a vaulted ceiling everywhere but over the bathroom and kitchen. The loft will be 8×8 in size.

Thanks Mike for sharing your project with us. I am looking forward to seeing the completed home. If you have any questions Mike says to email him at mm225490@yahoo.com

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9 thoughts on “Mike’s Tiny House”

  1. Nice to see a very well done and inexpensive project nearing completion. This is also a nice example of how time and effort can offset monetary cost. $2000 is not much to spend and it sounds like he’ll be able lower his monthly cash burn by living on his land in a tiny house. Looking forward to seeing it in place.

  2. Michael and Grant – Mike will be sending pictures once he has completed the inside of his home and I will do an updated post then so stay tuned 🙂

  3. That black roof will be great in winter, but it will also turn it into an oven in summer. I think I would spend $100 on some of that white roof coating.

  4. sorry kent slight correction on the roof the lumber yard just got all the trim and hardware for me i assembled it and i made the custom soffit vent witch i will also get some pictures of soon and thanks again for putting my little house on your site mike

  5. I wish foam manufactures would make a product in a can ( a big one) that we DIY’s could use to spray foam our own tiny houses when we build them. i got a quote of $800.00 to spray 2 walls 1 was 8 x 12 the other was 8x 10′. I can’t afford that kind of money on retirement fixed income. If there was something like the yellow gap filling foam, that would work for us i’d be first in line at lowes to buy it. $800.00 REALLY !!!!!


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