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Gratitude Millworks, LLC

Last week Ivan one of our readers sent me an email telling me about Kent McCaffrey’s tiny house company called Gratitude Millworks, LLC located on the east coast in the heart of Dixie in the state of Alabama.

I communicated with Kent McCaffrey and he told me to share his work with you.

With a 12/12 roof and a 180 square feet, with an interior dimension of 10 by 18. The roof footprint is 12 by 24 and extends over the 5 by 11 porch.

Front of Cottage

If you are an author, artist, or professional looking for a studio retreat, or tele-commuting home office? Or are you simply looking for a quiet place for reflection, contemplation or meditation and prayer? If you desire and appreciate beauty, and a handcrafted furniture quality cottage, this limited offering portable chalet is what you have been looking for.

The objective of a quiet, secure, substantial retreat is achieved by full insulation, digital climate controlled electric AC/Heater, highest quality materials and positive screw and glue construction, all built on solid 6×6 treated full length timbers. The wind may blow outside, but the experience inside is quite akin to the feel of a Lord of the Rings, Rivendell cottage.

Please go to the Gratitude Millworks, LLC site to view more pictures and learn more about Kent’s craftsmanship.

Michael at the Tiny House Design blog has a nice writeup on this as well.

Side View

Side View

View through the Door

View through the Door

Interior View

Interior View

Transporting the Cottage

Transporting the Cottage

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Christina Nellemann - January 12, 2009 Reply

Exquisite! Can it be plumbed for water, sewage, etc.?

Kent - January 12, 2009 Reply

Hi Christina,

Kent has several models based on this design, a cabin or studio would have plumbing, etc. installed. This one is an art studio or chapel so is not plumbed.

Andy - January 13, 2009 Reply

I talked with Kent and found him delightful. I hope he will build something similiar for me. Those floors are amazing and no doubt his workmanship superior


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Trinity - May 3, 2015 Reply

Love this little space! It would be a perfect tiny home for one, or a great craft/sewing/tool room for someone.. I enjoy seeing all the various homes showcased here and appreciate you guys sharing them with us. 🙂

King - November 19, 2015 Reply

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Dave - July 27, 2016 Reply

I love the house! Can someone contact me. I want one. Thanks Dave S.

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