French Cube is coming to America

One of my most popular posts was the Carre D’etoiles French Cube. Now for the exciting news… the CUBE is coming to the USA/CANADA in 2010!

Daniel Jean-Jacques Inversin from Carre D’etoiles French Cube emailed me yesterday to tell us the following:

We are currently planning on manufacturing the CUBES on the west coast (by the same “manufacturing team” that we have in Europe) and after the exact location has been finalized I will be able to send you an anticipated cost of units to be purchased and installed in the USA/CANADA.

french cube

Yes, “Seeing is believing” and that is why we will be installing one in the Lake Tahoe area for your inspection. View our first post with all the pictures of the Carre D’etoiles French Cube.

french cube interior

by Kent Griswold (Tiny House Blog)

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26 thoughts on “French Cube is coming to America”

    • But not as a place to live. Lolz. Sorry, but the irony here is so thick here it must be bulletproof. I’d like one as a place to live in full time.

    • Hi Denis, I don’t know that for sure, but I would think they would be. If they will be placing one in Lake Tahoe, it gets pretty cold up there with heavy snow too…Kent

      • I just looked at the photos on their website and the walls and roof appear to be very thin so I really doubt if there is much if any insulation. With such a small volume the built-in heater probably keeps it warm, but it would use a lot less fuel if it were better insulated.

  1. Mike not a bad idea, I can send your suggestion to Daniel but I’m not involved in the company so have no idea if that would come about. Sure seems like it would open the doors for another market for them though…Kent

  2. mine measures 2.5m x 2.5m x 2.5m and is fully functional.
    i don’t like shed roofs. a cube should be a cube. it’s so small there is no water issue.


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