Fencl Update #6

Tuesday, I went out to Jay’s at the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company to check on the latest progress of the Fencl. When I left last week they were just starting to put in the interior tongue and groove wall panelling.

As you can see, the main walls have been covered and they are working on finishing all the intricate places around the loft, the ceiling and the rear window.


The construction of the cabinets is also in process and you can see a couple of the different phases in the photos in this post.

The trim around the windows needs to be put in place, the bathroom walls completed and lots of little details, that you don’t see in the pictures. 

I will be stopping by again on Friday and taking more pictures. I have a feeling it will look a lot different in those three days.

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View all the construction photos at my new website/blog the Tiny House Journal.






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Daniel - May 1, 2009 Reply

That looks great!

Robyn - May 2, 2009 Reply

I am loving this house. I just need one without the wheels 🙂
I might’ve missed this, but why is it called a “Fencl”?

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Vince - July 29, 2010 Reply

Any idea what the total weight is, my son is thinking about building a small home on wheels but he could end up requiring a larger car to pull it unless we get creative with lightweight materials to reduce the total weight? Or he will have to find a friend to move it when he needs to.


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