Stove Lite Pro LED Lantern Review

I recently received a Stove Lite Pro to review. TEGpro, the makers of the Stove Lite, are located in Randolph, Vermont.

Tegpro’s Stove Lite Pro has all of the features of the Stove Lite Basic. You simply place it on your hot stove top, and within a minute or two it starts to emit light. In addition to basic features, the Stove Lite Pro includes a built-in rechargeable battery, mode select button, and USB charging outlet. These Pro features increase the usage to year-round as well as add the ability to charge your smartphone and tablet.

At this time I don’t have a wood stove in place to do the testing of the heat charging element. However, I have seen it in action at the 2016 Tiny House Jamboree and know it works. Since I was not able to do the charging test on the stove I took the solar panel and charged the battery. This is quite a small charger, but I was surprised that in about 10 hours the lantern was fully charged. The Stove Lite Pro internal battery can run in HIGH mode 4-5 hours and in LOW mode for up to 20 hours. This is very useful for year round use, not for just the time you have a wood stove up and running during the cold of winter.

Dim Mode

I really like the old fashioned design with the modern elements. The fact that you can charge it using a standard outlet or use the solar panel makes it very versatile. I am going to be using this as my go to emergency lamp when the power is off and as a backup mobile phone charger in the same situation. Though the low mode is not super bright it takes away the darkness when there is no power.

Bright Mode

If you have a wood stove I would highly recommend getting this lantern and even if you don’t, I would recommend it as a great back up light source with cool old fashioned looks whether you live in a modern house or a rustic cabin.

Check them out at their website

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