Airy Tampa Bay Tiny Houses Built to NOAH Standards

Florida is one of the more recent states to embrace tiny houses, but with several new communities and builders being established there are now some colorful and contemporary designs to choose from.

Tampa Bay Tiny Houses currently has three models to choose from.

Tampa Bay Tiny Homes in St. Petersburg is servicing the state with three models as well as shells and custom designs. These eco-friendly tiny houses focus on sustainability, off-grid solutions and integrating the warm Florida weather into each design with plenty of windows and an airy feel.

The Burg is an airy floor plan with a galley kitchen.

The company is also focusing on making their builds fit the National Organization of Alternative Housing (NOAH) standards for inspections and certification. The NOAH Standard incorporates nationally recognized safety, construction and energy efficiency standards currently used by the home building and RV industries. NOAH inspects the tiny houses at each phase of construction with their proprietary inspection system.

Each of the models can be customized from the ceiling to the floors.

The Tampa Bay Tiny Homes models come in a variety of lengths from 20 feet to 32 feet. They can also be custom built with various lengths and materials and range from $40,000 to $125,000. The tiny home shells come standard with a custom built tiny home trailer, framing, zip system sheathing, 50 amp electrical rough mechanical, plumbing rough mechanical, HVAC rough mechanical and spray insulation. They start at $20,000.

Each model has two floor plans: one with a loft and one with upstairs storage.

The three models include the Burg, the Current and the Breeze. The completed Burg is a light and airy design with gable roof, loft with five windows, and a galley kitchen. Along with the necessary hurricane bolts and stud ties, the home also includes a 50 amp electric system, mini split heating and AC system, all appliances and an electric tankless hot water heater.

The Current model has a shed roof with sleeping loft, storage over the living room and a large kitchen and bath with washer and dryer. The Breeze model has clerestory windows for the spacious loft accessed by a staircase with storage.


Photos by Tampa Bay Tiny Homes

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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  1. Kent, did you know that the city of St. Petersburg, Fla. has approved tiny houses in back yards. They need to be stationary, built on a foundation and resemble the house up front. When a big city like this welcomes, tiny houses, I believe it is a matter of time when others will follow suit.


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