West Coast Green In-Law Pre-fab
October 3, 2010

West Coast Green In-Law Pre-fab

Friday I had the opportunity to visit West Coast Green for the first time in San Francisco. Jay Shafer and Steve Weisman from Tumbleweed Tiny House Company and I carpooled together and shared the experience.

The first thing we spotted as we walked onto the grounds was this cute little pre-fab and we all headed straight for it first thing. Based off of plans by Houseplans.com and designed by Larson Shores Architects, the little pre-fab is an accessory dwelling unit designed to help folks age in place and was built by Eco Offsite in eight days and, after some finish up work, completed one day later.

Photo Credit Houseplans.com

This little backyard cottage has all the space you could ask for in a home with a living area, kitchenette, bedroom, and bathroom. It is also designed and built to be low-impact.

538 square foot floor plan

Pictured is a modern style roof version, but the cottage is available in a ranch- or pitch-style roof.

The Cottage is available through Houseplans and is listed for sale from about $61,500, which includes manufacturing, state approvals, and factory inspections, but excludes tax, delivery, installation, local permits, site specific plans and approvals, utility connections, and local fees. At 538 square feet this little pre-fab is not tiny but I would consider it small and very livable for two people.

Kitchen Nook: Photo by Houseplans

Living Room: Photo by Houseplans

Bathroom: Photo by Kent Griswold

Bedroom with Jay Shafer: Photo by Kent Griswold

Bedroom Steve Weisman talking with builder: Photo by Kent Griswold

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alice - October 3, 2010 Reply

The bedrooms and bathrooms in these little places always seem way too huge to me, usually at the expense of the living space. The space that gets the most use should have the most room. The main activities in a bedroom or bathroom don’t usually need any extra open space, just functional furniture and fittings and good storage. Hallways should also be avoided whenever possible in a tiny space. Any ‘extra’ walking around room should be in the room where you spend most of your waking hours in any house I would consider actually living in. That said, it’s an interesting design that should appeal to many.

moddog - October 3, 2010 Reply

I’am loveing this plan, modern compact, and I like the bigger bath and bedroom, You could still live here if you ever became weelchair bound.

tully - October 4, 2010 Reply

The bathroom and bedroom look like they are just roomy enough to accommodate a wheelchair or walker. With the exterior entrance ramp, this home appears to be built to be accessible. Most of us like to believe we’ll never need such accessibility, but if one is wanting a smaller home to live in through your very senior years, it’s not a bad idea to provide for all possibilities.

Accessibility is something that is sometimes lacking in tiny/small homes—loft sleeping just isn’t viable for everyone. Homes like this are good to see.

peggy - October 4, 2010 Reply

I agree with these comments and need to add – what’s with the little windows? What I quickly would change is to add a wall of windows with a deck space immediately outside. Sitting in a small room with small high windows adds to the small and claustrophobic feel one can get from time spent in small spaces. I’ve seen some exciting small plans which emphasize exterior space by large window placement and extension to the exterior. They appear SO much larger and enhance the quality of living small.

akrokdesign - October 4, 2010 Reply

not bad. i agree on more windows, probably cost a bit more but would make it way nicer.

i would mount the tv (flatscreen) on the wall and loose the box under. volia!


Casa prefabricada de 50m2 - December 25, 2011 Reply

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