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Tiny House Forum Update

First off I want to thank JT for getting a lively conversation going yesterday with his comparison of a regular house to a tiny mobile house. I really appreciate the effort he has taken to respond to all the comments.

Second, I would like to continue this type of dialog between all the faithful readers of the Tiny House Blog by encouraging you to get involved in the Tiny House Forum. The forum is now a part of the Tiny House Blog and can be found in the menu above.

I have been feeling overwhelmed lately, just trying to keep up with everything that is going on. I have been posting every day for the last year and a half and have not taken a break, even when on vacation. I currently have a backlog of over 300 post suggestions, projects and more coming in every day. So please be patient if yours does not show up on the blog right away. Please continue to send in suggestions but also use the forum as a place to show off your projects and share articles. Those of you on Facebook and are fans can also share on the Tiny House Blog’s fan page. Plus I would still like to help with Meet Ups across the country.

Today I get a break from the computer and will be joining Jay Shafer and Steve Weisman from Tumbleweed Tiny Houses at West Coast Green in San Francisco. I also will bring you a report from last Sunday’s visit to Solfest, where I was able to visit with Lloyd Kahn from Shelter Publications and met several other interesting people. Stay tuned…

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Epperson - October 1, 2010 Reply

Thank you for maintaining this blog and providing the movement with new and old ideas.

You may not feel the impact of your work just yet but every post produces positive ripple effects for individuals who make up “the movement”.

You’ve spawned so many enthusiasts that my only fear is that our money-grubbing government will soon change codes and tax laws to go after this growing movement once the movement generates a wider audience.

So its a delicate balance.

    Anne - October 1, 2010 Reply

    What he said, Kent.

    Alas, I have a forum allergy.

    But you do rock 😉

      Elizabeth - July 30, 2019 Reply

      yeah me too

mike - October 1, 2010 Reply

Nice, I have been waiting for this!

Looks like it’s been up for a while; I didn’t even know…

Heather - October 1, 2010 Reply

Take care of yourself Kent and please find some time for a rest. We appreciate you.

Bill - October 1, 2010 Reply

Thanks for all the work you do Kent. It sounds like you need some more guest writers to keep up with all the stories and ideas out there. All this shows how far the tiny house movement has progressed since you started covering it.

Arlos - October 1, 2010 Reply

Kent, please keep this going. I’m working on a project for the American Red Cross in Santa Cruz developing a small family Aquaponics project for food sustainability as part of the a new direction for the red cross which is best described as a postage stamp hybrid farm, a perfect companion to small living. This has taken most of my time in the last month and has not allowed me a lot of time to stop by in either sites.

JT - October 1, 2010 Reply

Thank you for providing us with a forum to share our ideas and thoughts about Tiny Homes Kent. We appreciate it very much.


Tim - October 1, 2010 Reply

Kent, go on vacation and get away from this for a while man, it will be here when you get back, have some fun and get your mojo going again.

Jon - October 1, 2010 Reply

Your dream has struck a chord in many here. We all in some way hay the aspiration to acheive the Tiny house aka FREEDOM! I Bought a peice of land 15 years ago in NC and built a cabin on it, then I met a girl who dint think much of the Cabin so I have started a house, so far Im finished with a walk out basement walls, and me and the girl, just friends now. But I bought a 1/4 acre in near Sebring Florida specifically for my tiny house, I then immediately went up to NC and broke my leg falling off a ladder, (well, we both went down pretty hard) but the dream is still there, the land is PAID for, and my tiny house, WILL come soon! I’m 53, and I refuse to be to old to dream!

Cheryl - October 3, 2010 Reply

Appreciate this blog so much with its ideas and inspiration. It makes my day to know I am not alone wanting the same simple freer life.
Take a rest and recharge.
Agree with Jon to never give up. Sometimes you just have to let others know too what is important to you.

Elizabeth - July 30, 2019 Reply

I want one of these.

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