Pre-fab Architecture in a box! House. Cabin. Office. Addition. Rooftops. Developments. weeHouses are sturdy enough to withstand the extremes of desert or tundra, and they may be placed anywhere that is accessible by truck.


Each weeHouse comes ready made: just add water (and a couple of other things). Base models include: windows and patio doors, Container siding (cement fiberboard with vertical battens), EPDM cold roof, tongue and groove bamboo flooring, white painted gypsum board ceilings and walls, and Ikea kitchens, cabinets, sinks.

weeHouses arrive on site ready to live in. The only things left up to you and contractor are the foundation, fitting & seaming of the modules, utility hookups, and in some cases cabinetry.





weeHouse Transport

Installing weeHouse

Photos by Alchemy Architects

Post information taken from another great site on small spaces, Little Diggs. To visit the Little Diggs site click here.

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8 thoughts on “weeHouse”

  1. I wonder what would be the approximate price,and cost of delivery and setup for a wee house like the one displayed? Also,how do you shop for ready to go land to put it on, thanks Milby
    PS, I live in Kentucky

  2. Hi Milby,

    I don’t have the answer for you on this and can’t seem to locate it on the website http://weehouse.com/ . I would either give them a call at 651.647.1246 or email them at info@weehouses.com.

    Ask weehouse about land requirements and they can give you some suggestions as to what to look for in your area.

    Good luck and keep us posted.


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  4. It looks like that is the Saturn Wee House Studio available “as is” for $46,000. Add on quarters with sleeping and bath options starting at $36,000 (if I got it all right).

  5. I am interested in installing your Wee House in my land in Orange County, VA.

    Could you please communicate with price and any particulars (likely shipping, installation/ assembly costs, etc.)?

    Thank you.

    John Kiyonafa

  6. I have very tight budget can you help make my dream a reality I would like to retire in whitwater co ,I will get the land ready , My properties in FL is on the market ,I 14’×22′ studio,thankful for you help


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