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January 14, 2019

Plús Hús ADU Made from Recycled Panels

Iceland doesn’t just export excellent music and beautiful people. The island is also an inspiration for a brand new ADU (accessory dwelling unit) made from recycled steel panels. Built by the architectural firm, Minarc, but constructed in Los Angeles, the Plús Hús is a contemporary and customizable structure for simple living, working or extra income.

The Plús Hús is a contemporary ADU designed to go into a backyard.

Minarc designed the Plús Hús (pronounded ploos hoos) to try to remedy the housing crisis in the City of Angels. California’s recent regulatory changes now allow homeowners to more easily add accessory dwellings to their property for extra income or to house extended family members. The 16×20 foot structures are made of mnmMOD panels that cut down on construction costs. The panels are made of 30 percent recycled steel and Cradle to Cradle certified extruded polystyrene. The panels are also made in Southern California and can be fully customizable.

The Plús Hús can be customized for specific living situations.

The Open+ version includes a bathroom; the Full version a kitchen.

The Plús Hús can be set up as a small studio for income generation.

The Plús Hús comes in several different configurations. The Open configuration is a simple living space with three walls and a sliding glass door. It costs $37,000. The Open+ contains a bathroom and can be used for a small house, office or studio. It costs $42,000. The Full version has both a bathroom and a kitchen that sits against one wall. The Full costs $49,000. All the versions are single story and are placed on a foundation. The prices do not include the site visit or planning, contractors or permitting.

The house can also be laid out as an office or workspace.

Photos by Plús Hús/Minarc

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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