Operation Tiny Home Launches a Down Payment Assistance Grant Program

You are ready to make the leap into tiny house living. Check! You found a builder that offers financing. Check! You can easily make regular, affordable loan payments. Check! Even with all these positive factors, do you lack the funds to make the necessary down payment? Good news. Operation Tiny Home, in association with Sutter Home Family Vineyards, is launching the Welcome Home Down Payment Assistance Grant.

They have come together for this historic program to help community heroes and those struggling with hardship to achieve their dream of affordable home-ownership and housing stability. This grant wouldn’t be possible without the partnership of Tumbleweed Tiny House Company and Cornerstone Tiny Homes, both RVIA certified. Each company offers tiny house financing for customers. Down payments are always required, which is a hardship for many, especially those living paycheck to paycheck or who those who have had significant financial setbacks. In light of all the natural disasters over the last year, this grant program will be a welcome hand-up for many Americans.

Perspective tiny house owners should begin by selecting one of the grant program’s pre-approved builders. You must work with them to get pre-approved for a loan. Additionally, you must secure long-term legal parking for your future tiny home. I highly recommend the Search Tiny House Villages site; their database of communities is continually growing. Many RV parks offer long-term parking, as well. And did you know there are now four cities where a tiny house on wheels can be considered an accessory dwelling unit? Like Lyons, Colorado—just approved this week! The other cities are Nantucket, MA, and Fresno and San Luis Obispo, CA. Some counties allow them too, like El Paso County (outside city limits) in Colorado and Coconino County in Arizona. Be sure to check your local zoning regulations. Many rural counties have unrestricted zoning or allow RV occupancy. Tiny house advocacy progress is being made all the time. Many more cities and counties will likely be welcoming tiny houses soon. Another personal recommendation: join the American Tiny House Association to support efforts to create more legal placement options and to be kept in the loop about local advocacy happenings.

After securing loan approval and secure placement for your future tiny home, you can submit a grant application. Yes, this is all an involved process but well worth it for those who qualify, and of course, for the final grant recipients.

Who Qualifies for the Down Payment Assistance Grant?

Community Heroes in Need of Secure Housing:

  • Military and Veterans
  • Law Enforcement
  • Fire Fighters
  • Emergency Medical Personnel
  • Pre-K – 12th Grade Teachers


People Struggling with Hardship:

  • Lost home due to fire, hurricane, etc.
  • Serious illness
  • Aging out of foster care
  • Disability
  • Caring for a family member
  • Surviving spouse of a military member or public protector

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