Habitaflex – Foldable Tiny House

The Folding and Transportable Home. The Habitaflex is another tiny home on wheels. Along the lines of the Tumbleweed Tiny House and the Martin House-To-Go.

The Habitaflex expands or folds into a much larger living space yet folds down to a very small footprint so you can take it anywhere.


Here is a quote from the Habitaflex website.

An entirely factory-built and innovative solution to temporary and permanent accommodation, this home can be unfolded, transported and relocated. Its rapid and easy installation can get this home up and running in a few hours only! Thanks to its clever opening mechanism, Habitaflex deploys virtually effortlessly and, in no time, reveals a complete and comfortable home comprising: a kitchen, living room, bathroom as well as 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms. Its plumbing and heating systems are fully integrated in the wall cavities so you can be operational and stay in your new home the very same day of your installation!

Following is a sequence of photos showing the setup of the home. Make sure and visit the Habitflex website.



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  1. I emailed them for a price list and they responded with “choose your options and we’ll send you a quote.”

    But they also told me (and I’m pasting that line in here so make sure I get it right):
    “42,000 $CAD to 80,000 $CAD for one unit (from 70$CAD/SF or 755$CAD/m2) plus shipping from Montmagny, Quebec, Canada. (Advance payments required prior to production and delivery).”

    Hope that helps.

  2. I thought this looked familar:
    check out “Popular Mechanics Aug 1957” for free at a google’s public domain link (below comment)

    8 foot wide home opens to 35-foot by “turning winch”—this mobile home was about $5000, but that was way back in 1957!!!

    “The Schult Corporation designed the mobile home “with over 500 square feet of living space in a package that’s only eight feet wide and 35 feet long when it travels. Schult solved the problem by putting piano hinges in the walls, roof and floor. To pull up stakes, you simple move all the furniture to one side of the trailer and fold up the other side.

    For a semi-permanent stay, it takes a total of six man-hours to set up… at the end of that time, however, you have a two-bedroom ranch-style house for approximately $5000.”


    • Lucie, you need to contact the company. This is just a blog post about them. Do some research and see if they are still in business. -Kent


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