Rustic Island Log Cabin

Alice sent me this listing of a quaint little log cabin on an island in British Columbia, Canada. Built in 1986 this 241 square foot cabin with loft on a small piece of property and a very good price of $89,000 Canadian dollars is a dream cabin which I wouldn’t mind if I could make it my own.

If your dream is to live on an island do some research on Galiano Island in British Columbia. Below is the listing and a few more pictures.

RUSTIC LOG CABIN WITH LOFT ON GALIANO ISLAND serviced with power and phone. The property is a small lot (plus or minus 0.1 acres). Located adjacent to Bluff Park. Court Ordered Sale (foreclosure). Separate small bath house with a shower, toilet, and sink serviced with water, and septic. Telus high speed internet is available at the property. To view the listing and more photos go here.




13 thoughts on “Rustic Island Log Cabin”

  1. A nice looking Cabin Kent. I wonder how much property is included, and how easy is it to get to? So will you be spending summers in Canada?

  2. my dream home! wrong time though.
    are there tiny house owners who would be interested in swapping places for vacations? I have a yurt in west virginia, not much disposible in come and would like to travle.

    • This is a great idea Liz.
      We should start a tiny house swap site!

      Obviously we all love our own tiny homes and what they provide us!
      How do we start this?
      Mine was 12×12 for years in southern VT and just this year have finished the exterior to expand to an 16 x 20 !! I am blessed 🙂

  3. I love the scenic beauty. Big or small, to own a house is not a easy thing, unless we have the required money. Investing in home, will never let anyone down. Is it safe to invest in foreclosure homes in Canada?

  4. Though the house is small, it looks very beautiful. I dream to own, such a beautiful home. I went through the site given by Adam, it is very good.

  5. Looks like it’s been sold already? The MLS Property ID number (8517440) from the link in the article goes to a property site that says it’s no longer there…?
    Anyway. Cute cabin. I wanted to see those ‘extra’ pictures, too…
    Galiano Island in B.C. is like a RESORT: it’s almost impossible to find anything there under $300K to $1.9M! This little cabin was a STEAL at the listed price of $89K, albeit a little too pricey AND ‘rustic’ for me and *my* budget and convenience needs (disabled, can’t do the loft thing, and REALLY won’t do ‘tiny’ unless I have a decent INDOOR bathroom/shower, sorry)…

    jipsi (aka Shea)


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