Walt Barrett’s Solar Pump

Walt Barrett who developed the Micro Home has a new invention called the Barrett Solar Pump that will be developed to help bring water to Cambodians and others around the world.

The unique design allows solar-power to harness the stiffling midday heat and generate kinetic energy and draw water from shallow wells.

Barrett Solar Pump a

The water will also be used to bring water to homes. “We can use the pump to draw water from the wells into a water tower, where it can be treated. The water is than distributed to households for their daily use,” says Mr. Perrin, a full-time executive member of the Green Earths Concept.

Walt is very excited about this and says it is in the process of going into production. He will supply pictures and an update in the near future. Congratulations Walt!

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Benjamin - October 29, 2009 Reply

I’d really like to see some details on how this pump works.

Schneb - August 21, 2011 Reply

Just happened onto this post–are there any updates?

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