Build Your Own Tiny House Step by Step Videos


I’ve featured Kevin Coy several times here at the Tiny House Blog. He has been involved in tiny house or micro house construction for several years now and you can follow him at his blog at

Kevin produced a DVD series on wire tiny homes and you can learn more about it here.

He just came out with a new series that he says will save you over $3,000 building your own 10 x 12 tiny structure and includes the following:

  • More Than 6 Hours Of Easy To Follow Step By Step Video Instruction On 7 DVD’s
  • A Complete Materials List
  • Cut Sheets For All Materials
  • No Experience Necessary

You can watch a video and get all the details here.

Following are some photos of the construction process.

IMG_0679_2 2


IMG_0722_2 IMG_0795 IMG_0818_2 IMG_0852

IMG_2162 IMG_2168IMG_1051

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Rhi - December 7, 2015 Reply

That picture makes me ask…

There are quonset or nissen hut tiny homes, and there are tiny homes on trailers. So why are there no quonset or nissen homes on trailers? I don’t recall seeing any. It’s not as if they would be any more difficult to build.

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