One Ugly Boat
September 9, 2008

One Ugly Boat

This is a follow-up to the Floating Retreat post of a few days ago. I had mentioned One Ugly Boat in that post and Harold the owner and designer of One Ugly Boat wrote and told me about his new design, the 32 foot shanty. I thought you floating home enthusiasts might be interested in it. The boat design is pictured above and following are the homes features.

New 32 foot Shanty Design

The 32 ft Shanty Features:

  • All aluminum construction for light weight and resistance to the elements. All the components for the shanty can be fabricated by our vendor and shipped by normal freight to your location.
  • The shanty can be constructed in your back yard on an 8 ft wide by 12 ft long transport trailer. The sections can then be launched at your local boat ramp and  attached together in the water.
  • The windows and doors are standard home items that can be purchased from your home store. Quality of these items can vary  depending on your pocket book.
  • The shanty can  be parked either in the water or on the shore. Because the unit is licensed as a boat, it should not be restricted by zoning laws that prohibit homes or parking trailers in the flood plain.
  • Estimated cost of materials to construct the shanty  should be less than $25K. Cost of the floats and floor will be about $10K. At $25K cost per sq ft of living space is $75.

My favorite is still the 20 foot Paycheck Shanty which is designed for the builder who wants a boat that can be built and assembled over a period of time on a pay as you go basis. The end result is a very livable 20 ft shanty that can be towed easily with a small van or car. The boat can also be used as a camper for long distance travel to far off places, and then parked in your yard or carport instead of a marina or storage yard. Check it out below.

20 Foot Shanty

20 Foot Shanty

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Renaissanceronin - December 4, 2009 Reply

Now take this a step further…

Use an ISBU Shipping Container as the “core structure.” I’ve often thought of doing exactly this, using a pair of Shipping Containers as the “body” of the boat.

A trio of high-flotation pontoons under (perhaps constructed by salvaging fuel tanks from aircraft and filling them up with foam), shooting some fiberglass over the bottom of the “boxes” (bolted, filled, and welded together) would even form the hull.

I’m not sure about doing this as an Ocean vessel, but for a lake or river, tucked away miles from everyone? It’d be wonderful! Talk about a heavy-duty houseboat! And you could do it… cheap, cheap, cheap.

    yug - October 13, 2013 Reply

    you could just plug some hdpe black pipes for pontoons.

Floating Tiny Houses - Tiny House Blog - August 8, 2018 Reply

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