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August 8, 2018

Floating Tiny Houses

I’ve been doing a series to the email list about the different types of tiny houses available to you. I had a reader ask me yesterday if we had covered floating homes on the Tiny House Blog and as this was one of my future emails I decided to bring it to the front.

He wanted more information about homes on pontoons. We recently covered the one pictured here on the cover of the Tiny House Magazine. This one is not built for full time living but he is making that option available to those who want to put him to work.

You can watch this popular video on Le Koroc, filmed by Exploring Alternatives.

Yes, we have covered floating homes and still do on the Tiny House Blog. Here are a few links to some of them and a general link to the category of Floating Homes.

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Ben - August 16, 2018 Reply

The tiny house boats are really cool. Especially, because you don’t need land. Who builds those tiny homes on water?

And yes.. I guess you can float with your house on any river.
Curious what everyone thinks about it. Pros and Cons???

Super cool ?

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