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Building A Modern Cob Home

cob house

I’ve been a big fan of cob building for many years now. Check out a couple of our previous posts here on the Tiny House Blog. Recipe for Building a Cob House and Ziggy visits Cob Cottage Company.

Here is a cob house walkthrough by Alex.

Alex of This Cob House is offering a holiday special and though I’m not connected with him I thought you might be interested in this great deal.

Here is what he says:

Building A Modern Cob Home – Bypass the learning curve!

If you want to learn how to build modern earthen buildings, strawbale buildings, or even conventional buildings – to a higher quality level…

  • My video courses give you a step-by-step system for building structures with cob and earthen materials. You will learn about the initial steps, which include design, site selection, and building foundations (to name a few topics) all the way on up to the finishing touches like roofing, plastering, and utilities installation (again, to name just a few subjects included).
  • There are over 16 hours of instructional video lessons included in the program leading you step-by-step through how to build a cob house. These videos are private only to the course and are not available anywhere else.

These are my pinnacle, premium courses that took me over 7 years to create, and I’m giving it to you for 90% OFF this week during the holidays. Let’s move forward into 2023 with the knowledge we need to build better!

Click here to download the courses now. 



cob workshop

cob workshop 2

cob workshop 3

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