The World's Best Christmas Ornament

The World’s Best Christmas Ornament

Craigslist Ad Thanks Dan for sending this to me!

$20,000 (Stanley, Idaho)

We are selling or trading the most perfect Christmas Church on Wheels. The Little Church of Miracles on Wheels is without a doubt the perfect and best outdoor Christmas ornament in the world. We will sell or trade for a nice motor home, film van or Sprinter , lot, land, great car or truck, etc.

Since it’s building completion April 20, 2010, we have had over 300 people stop and want to see and pray in it. Unfortunately, we live in an area by Stanley, Idaho and are unable to hide it from public view. In hopes of finding a good home for it, we are offering this amazingly beautiful church for sale or trade. Over 1200 hours went into the building of this amazing little church. Thousands of dollars in antiques and antiquities are in this Christian chapel. We think this is perfect for a wedding event site, winery, business, hospice,etc. We have been asked to rent it to resorts, wedding parties, hospitals, for Chirstmas home exterior decoration, etc. It can seat 10 folks, stand 6 more + pastor, bride and groom.

Comes with tiny faux wood stove that provides heat. Also completely insulated and is very tight.
call 208-838-2651 if you are seriously interested. To have this built would cost 7 times what we are asking. It was built to travel and is road compliant. If you are looking for something that draws in everyone that passes by, this is it!

We have had over 6 folks ask to rent it for their wedding and willing to pay up to $700. per day but we don’t have a big enough truck to pull it, (Ford F-250 type or new 150 with strong motor), and because we are filmmakers, don’t want to get into this business. If you need a new business, this may be perfect. You will never see anything like this so make sure you watch video.

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Drue - November 15, 2010 Reply

My wife especially loves it. But it looks like it would be tough to move it. Could this be a new trend? Instead of a mega-church you can attend a micro-church.

Deek - November 15, 2010 Reply

Not bad looking- too bad they went with such a dark look/stain though- esp. for a church. More so, those dark colors make this little cabin/rolling house seem smaller and more claustrophobic than it really is/should be….otherwise, a great idea, as I’m SURE people would rent it for weddings…


Olivia - November 15, 2010 Reply

Hmmm….a bit dark, and the voice on the movie is a bit terrifying….but I could see people renting this out for weddings :o)

barefootmeg - November 15, 2010 Reply

Love it! This would be a great place to get away.

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