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Tonke Campers

If a utility vehicle married a gypsy wagon, a Tonke Camper may be the result of this unusual union. Tonke Campers are hand-built by craftspeople in Holland who were inspired by the classic yachts created by Dutch boat builders in the 1920s. There are two models, the Explorer and the Fieldsleeper, which both meet the Euro IV emissions regulations. For overseas customers, Tonke ships the living unit and the steel platform that supports it. Then each unit can be carried by Renault Master, Volkswagen Crafter or Mercedes Sprinter (Dodge Sprinter in the U.S.) trucks.

What makes this camper unique is not only the style (polished wood fittings, teak floors, porcelain sinks and chrome faucets), but that fact that the trailer portion can be dismantled and be used as a guest room or a tiny house. Each unit includes a bed, kitchen and eating space, a small bathroom and storage for bicycles. They also include a large water tank, a combination boiler with hot water and heating system, an on-board battery, a spacious fridge with freezer and a gas stove.

The Tonke Campers cost around €45.000 ($60,000) for the unit and €80.000 ($110,000) for the complete vehicle.

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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Marcia Curran - November 15, 2010 Reply

Wonderful! I especially love how you can open the doors while dining.

mike - November 15, 2010 Reply

Great concept. Looks a bit tight inside, but it’s hard to tell; it’d be cool to see better interior pics…

Lucas - November 16, 2010 Reply

Looks nice. How about saving the shipping, etc. and just outfitting an existing Sprinter van w/ the same floor plan. You’d have to use the high roof model for standing room. It would also be much more stealthier for camping in urban/developed situations. Of course, if cash is no problem, then this looks pretty luxe.

Kera - Dreadnaught Darling - April 17, 2012 Reply

Oh, I have seen these before. I LOVE them. So cute!

BigGoofyGuy - April 17, 2012 Reply

It looks really nice. It shows you can really ‘take it with you’. 🙂

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