The Borderless House

Both Sylvia from the Netherlands and Kai from Germany sent me this cool little movie that is worth taking a few minutes to watch. Kai who has built a tiny Tumbleweed home translates it for us.

I’ve found a short film (actually an Ad from Hornbach Germany, a building supplies store like Home Depot) which is very amusing. Nice plot and pictures, no speaking and some very nice space saving ideas which might be interesting for your readers.

URL is
The title means, wordly translated: “the borderless house – you can find a home in every shed”

The Borderless House

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Hope Henry - August 25, 2010 Reply

This is a strange and delightful little film…

    Hope Henry - December 1, 2010 Reply

    See comment below to see how to get free plans for the cool fold-out furniture in this film.

?????(Das Grenzenlose Haus) : monogocoro ????? - August 26, 2010 Reply

[…] Tiny House Blog Original: Das Grenzenlose […]

Paula - August 26, 2010 Reply

Hallo from northern Germany! Hornbach always has interesting advertisements – this one is called, “If you can imagine it, you can build it.”

I enjoy the blog and hope to implement some of the ideas here after we find and buy our dream property.


JT - August 26, 2010 Reply

That was a cool little movie, I enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing it.


Tim - August 26, 2010 Reply

Wow, I had a grin on my face almost from the start, very cool little film!

Chickadee - August 26, 2010 Reply

Very well finished. I’d really like to see a tiny house for a couple to live in. I could easily live in one alone but add my 6’1″ hubby and it couldn’t be a long term living arrangement!

Helen Hillebrand - August 27, 2010 Reply

Great little film — but I would translate this as “house without limits” (Grenze is also used in the same sense as limit). A house is only limited by your imagination!

Hope Henry - December 1, 2010 Reply

If you click on the bottom heading to the left of the film, it will open a page where you can download of PDF file of how to construct the fold-out furniture, including a twin bed (from the wall). After you download the file, click save (on the top left of the downloaded picture) to save it to your computer.

Molly - June 3, 2011 Reply

I love this little film! Not only was the house cool but I liked his interactions with the neighbors. It reminds me of the community I grew up in. I also liked the nature sounds; the birds, the rain, etc. Thanks for the link!

Anastasia - June 15, 2014 Reply

This link is broke. Goes to sale page for domain name. Sad- it looks like a lovely place.
Thanks for all that you do.

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