House of Fallen Timbers – August Update

David Lottes from who is building the House of Fallen Timbers just sent me his August update. Here is what he has to say about it:

Since the last update I finished the walls and stacked the purlins, gables and ridgepole. I’ve had a couple of nice weekends weather wise and it’s a good thing. Stacking the purlins was a monumental job. I wanted to be sure and use good strong logs to support the roof but I don’t have the know how to contrive a device for lifing so it was all elbow grease.

Now to finish trimming up the gables and securing the salvaged sheet metal, then I can see if my found bags of concrete are still in usable condition for chinking.

A friend of mine loaned me a copy of The Foxfire Book with a chapter on building log cabins and it confirmed my theory that sealing up the gaps in the walls with small scrap logs is a traditional time tested method. It even shows an example of a cabin that used concrete for chinking so that made me feel much better about my plan. Hopefully the September update will show a sealed up cabin with a finished roof!

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Tim - August 26, 2010 Reply

You have made very good progress on your cabin this summer, it is looking very good! I hope you have many years of enjoyment useing your Tiny Cabin!

Sandy Foster - August 26, 2010 Reply

I want this to be my next project! Congrats – and those Foxfire books are the best.

Steve Hathaway - August 26, 2010 Reply

Love the look of the logs–the fact that they’re not straight, squared, etc. and their other ‘natural’ features (and their size in relation to scale of cabin?) give this the same feel as the cob houses of recent posts here.

Great stuff. Thanks for sharing.

David Lottes - August 27, 2010 Reply

I’m having a great time and really appreciate the encouragement. One thing is for sure I will never look at the woods the same after this summer. I’ve learned so much!

David A. Lottes - January 14, 2012 Reply

The blog is now available in “Blook” format! 32 page 9″x7″ paperback with 15 color photos and selected entries from May through October of 2010. Available now at:

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