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Yurt Life

Our good friends and fellow cruisers Eben and Genevieve Stolz live aboard Necesse, a 41′ Morgan Classic sailboat, with their two little girls Arias and Ellia. They share a passion for simplicity and adventure traveling the world with their tiny floating home. I was reading Genevieve’s blog, It’s A Necessity, and discovered a recent trip […]

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Tiny House in a Landscape

colorado yurt

Fall has moved into central Oregon and we are starting to see some beautiful fall colors. We’ve had some good and needed rain the nights are cooling down. Time to start thinking of cooler weather and the coming of winter. Our friends over at Colorado Yurt posted this photograph of a yurt somewhere in Colorado […]

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My Yurt Project on Whidbey Island

Guest post by Eric I recently bought a 1/3 acre on Whidbey Island in Washington. It was raw land, I cleared a driveway, put gravel down, and built a 16′ yurt. I did all of this myself, with help from generous friends! This is an off the grid, weekend getaway. I have a vintage ice box […]

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