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Not Your Typical “Yurt”

Yurt Cabin

Guest Post by Josh Barry The technology for outdoor living has come a long way since nomadic Mongolians first created Gers, commonly referred to today as Yurts. In fact, the first instance of Yurts in recorded history dates back to hundreds of years before the birth of Jesus! Yurts were the perfect way for nomadic […]

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Evenson’s Freedom Yurt Cabin in Minnesota

We moved to northern Minnesota from Denver when we retired. Erik had taught with Outward Bound up here for many years; I’d grown up in a mining town in Colorado; and this was affordable. So here we were. While there’s a lot more water up here than there is in Colorado, there are not nearly […]

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Yurt Life with Mollie and Sean Busby

Busby Yurt

  Mollie Busby and her husband, Sean live in a yurt in Montana and when they tell people about it they get all kind of reactions. Such reactions are questions like what is yurt? They have no clue what they are. Another reaction is disbelief as most people associate yurts with a summer camp, glamping […]

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