Camp Under Canvas in 8 Stunning Locations

Luxury and camping never used to go together, but with the increased interest and awareness of glamping (glamorous camping), the two terms are now not always mutually exclusive. The company Under Canvas has actually gone a few extra miles with the concept. They not only offer beautiful and comfortable tents … Read more

Indoor Camping at Lone Star Glamp Inn

If you are a fan of vintage trailers and glamping, but don’t REALLY like to be in the great outdoors, then the Lone Star Glamp Inn might be your ideal getaway. Located near La Grange, Texas this unique “hotel” features nine beautifully restored campers and eight teepees inside a 15,000 … Read more

Stay in a Luxury Bunk Tent with Tentrr

What better way to celebrate the official start of summer than with a post about camping tents? Now, these are not ordinary tents, but fully equipped, elevated bunk tents located on private campsites. They are also the brainchild of investment banker Michael D’Agostino who wanted to create a different camping … Read more

Living in a Yurt in the Forest in New Zealand

We have lived in a yurt two years now. I heard last night that the mind is a ‘discounting muscle’ – it’s a survival technique; we minimalise big, important things over time in order to cope. For example, when humankind used to live a treacherous hunter-gather life, if we spent … Read more

Not Your Typical “Yurt”

Yurt Cabin

Guest Post by Josh Barry The technology for outdoor living has come a long way since nomadic Mongolians first created Gers, commonly referred to today as Yurts. In fact, the first instance of Yurts in recorded history dates back to hundreds of years before the birth of Jesus! Yurts were … Read more

Evenson’s Freedom Yurt Cabin in Minnesota

We moved to northern Minnesota from Denver when we retired. Erik had taught with Outward Bound up here for many years; I’d grown up in a mining town in Colorado; and this was affordable. So here we were. While there’s a lot more water up here than there is in … Read more

Yurt Life with Mollie and Sean Busby

Busby Yurt


Mollie Busby and her husband, Sean live in a yurt in Montana and when they tell people about it they get all kind of reactions.

Such reactions are questions like what is yurt? They have no clue what they are. Another reaction is disbelief as most people associate yurts with a summer camp, glamping or ski warming huts in the mountains.

Then there are those people who are very much aware of it and would like to do the same thing. They want to know how they can live this dream as well.

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Phil’s Freedom Yurt-Cabin

Freedom Yurt-Cabin

Guest Post by Phil A couple years ago we decided we would like to buy some land to possibly retire on or at least have a place to visit. As we got to looking, we had a few things on the list that we required and one of them was … Read more

Freedom Yurt Cabins at Tiny House Jamboree

Freedom Yurt Cabin

While at the Tiny House Jamboree in Colorado Springs, Colorado I had the opportunity to see first hand the Freedom Yurt Cabins that I covered here on the Tiny House Blog a couple of months ago. You can read the post here.

It was fun to see first hand the quality and build of this unique hard wall yurt. I also had the chance to get to know the father and son team behind this new tiny house option.  Richard Barry is the President and CEO of the company and his son Josh is Co-General Manager and Sales Manager.

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Freedom Yurt Cabins

yurt cabin

I’m a big fan of yurts and I think it comes from growing up in Arizona where I was around the Navajo hogan and learned to appreciate the circle as a living space. I recently discovered a new yurt company based in Colorado Springs, Colorado called Freedom Yurt Cabins. I’ve … Read more