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Sheepherder Wagon Community in Idaho

sheep wagon 2

Sheepherding may be a thing of the past, but along Idaho’s Salmon River is a little community preserving this past with a modern twist. Though the residents don’t tend sheep, they choose to live as the sheep herders did in a small efficient sheep wagon. Massage therapist Renee Silvus had her sheep wagon built by […]

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Canopy & Stars Tiny Houses

The name of this vacation rental company in the United Kingdom might have picked the best name to describe the simplicity of staying in or living in a tiny house. Canopy & Stars have taken it a step further and offer handpicked quirky and eco-friendly small places to stay within Europe. They include tree houses, […]

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The Little Rustic Cabin on Wheels

Hal's Vardo exterior

I retired a few years back to help my wife, who’s health is failing. Looking for something to do to occupy my spare time without leaving her by herself, I decided to drag out my woodworking tools and work in the garage on little projects. I went to wally world and purchased a baby monitor […]

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