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Cheap Old Tiny Houses

The website Cheap Old Houses has created a buzz among the Instagram crowd for its postings of old homes for sale around the world for under $100,000. Did you know there is a similar site that features old, tiny houses? CIRCA is a marketplace for historic homes for sale, including smaller homes. CIRCA is an … Read more

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Sacramento Mayor Calls for Rapid Tiny House Production

Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg wants to spend 30 million to jumpstart the rapid production of tiny homes. He sees tiny housing as an opportunity to quickly and more affordable address dire housing shortages, sky-rocketing costs, and the expansive homeless population. “My hope is that with a little bit of financial incentive, hopefully less than $100,000 … Read more

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The Trulli of Apulia

Stone buildings in hot climates have always made the most sense. Stone is not only readily available in most landscapes, but the thick walls maintain both thermal mass and keep the interior cool. What better way to keep your Italian wine in perfect condition? Trulli are dome-shaped homes in the Italian region of Apulia. That … Read more

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